Hey folks,

I was trying to get lotro runing under ubuntu 18.04 and it was hard finding a guide at all, and having in mind i am a linux newbie it took me some tome to figure it out but after few hours i did and after i managed to run lotro and test it and everything, decided to post this small short guide how to run it under ubuntu 18.04 and i am guessing this will work under other destros and versions to.

Step 1 - Install Wine
I have used this guide for this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbMIz6D1Tbo&vl=en it is a very easy and straight forward guide so props to the guy who made it.

Step 2 - Install winetricks
I have used this guide for this https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-insta...c-beaver-linux this is a guide that actually installs blizzards launcher for battle net for games like world of warcraft, star craft, diablo etc.

Step 3 - Download the lotro launcher from the official lotro web page.

Step 4 - run the following command assuming the lotro launcher is in your downloads folder if not fix it to fit your location of the lotro file

wine64 ~/Downloads/lotrolive.exe

after this point you shoul have the launcher pop up and start downloading things for a looooong period of time as usual.

I have not tested anything else than direct x 9, i think i have read somewhere that wine does not support direct x 11 alto i have not tested in personally yet id assume they are correct and this is still the case.
I will test eventually direct x10 and 11 and see if i can run the game under those with ultra high settings or something. So far i have tested 9 on low, medium and ultra high and everythin works absolutely fine.

Hope this helps some one like me