The Mac Bullroarer client works again with U23 build 3!

In particular, if you discover that the Build 3 update is having problems completing. . .

In the Launcher, use the new (with U23) Pulldown: Options: Repair tab -- "Repair Game Data"

Click Repair; the message implies there will be zero files deleted, but in fact all of the client_*.dat/x files are deleted, and then downloaded again.

From the Build 3 Relase notes
Improvements have been made to the game launcher, including:
Fixed an issue that caused a memory leak.
Added an option in the Repair tab to repair game data. This will delete your client_*.dat/x files, and download new files from a fresh installation. This option should resolve most issues where we typically recommend reinstalling the game.
Fixed the icon for the game shortcut on older installations.
The newsfeed now automatically updates every five minutes while the launcher is open.
Launcher - Akamai Netsession Download Manager technology has been removed. The http download functionality has been upgraded to be multi-threaded and more robust.
Yes, it can take a while as the main graphics file is roughly 4 gig!