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    Devout of the Lidless Eye - Level 50 Cap Kinship - Now Openly Recruiting

    Hello Everybody.

    Aeradil, Warlord of Angmar, and Leader of 'Devout of the Lidless Eye' Here.

    I am just posting here to let you guys and gals know, that 'Devout of the Lidless Eye' a 50 cap kinship that was once intended to be a 6 man only kinship has now opened its doors to like minded people who seek nostalgia. We have strict rules on the use of Classic gear when instancing/raiding with the kin, such as Rift armour sets / Helegrod armour sets, and classical jewellery from Angmar instances/Helegrod quests/Epic Quests/Crafted gear.
    However we are open to you using whatever items you please when you are solo, for example when I solo I have 2 Osgiliath armour sets to chose from, and a full array of Osgiliath jewels and Legendary weapons. All of which are not allowed in Kin play, so I swap to classical gear for said Kin play.

    We aim to do Classic/Non-Classic instances and enjoy all old level 50 content. - We aim to have multiple 6 man rift raids going simultaneously as taking more than 6 into the rift would be far, far to easy due to poor scaling of freeps with trait trees.

    So to recap - 'Devout of the Lidless Eye' is now recruiting players who wish to stop at the 50 cap and use classical gear and enjoy old nostalgic content. Oh and the occasional sacking of Michel Delving of course... We do worship Sauron of course!

    If you are interested, send me a MSG in-game ... Aeradil <-

    Thank you for reading, and I hope to hear from you.

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