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    Hobbit's Homestead - Deluxe House

    Hi guys, i want to share my little hobbit's hole Looks like a real house, warm and full of food and beer!

    Alicura - Cedalion - Gudendraak - Nehuenir (Landroval)

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    Spacious! I love how it isn't just cluttered with as much stuff as you can fit in. It seems like there is some semblance of a floor plan. AND IT LOVE THE BAR AREA! This feels more like an RSL (Aus & NZ) which I think is more like a Lodge / Inn type setting. It feels like an establishment more than a home, which is amazing! I'd love to swing by and sample your brews. I'm glad to see somebody else rocking the new oven of all places in your awesome kitchen area. Is that the crafting one or decoration from Farmers Faire? either way, I thnk it looks great. Great Job. I hope it's a functional crafting facility, especially if it was the only one you have in the house. Hobbits have no business making dangerous weapons and such..but food, yes sir, please more.

    I was expecting Waaay more vegetable patches and garden / flower boxes and beds in the front yard of a Hobbit Home, but that's jsut me.

    8/10 hobnanigans chickens from me. Inside is fantastic. outside could use a teeny bit o' work

    Thanks for sharing



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