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    Which instance boss was the hardest you've ever encountered?

    Quote Originally Posted by Arathrinn View Post
    Without a doubt, Bingo Boffin. Your first encounter already sets the bar at a ridiculous level. Teaching him how to swim? An impossible task, if you ask me. But it gets worse!
    I was already going to say, it is definitely a toss-up between Bingo Boffin and Sara Oakheart. ...(You did say Boss, right?)
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    Looks like a boat on the water.

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    My picture blog - Landscapes of Arda

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    Um, the wandering guy in Misty Mountains that tromped all over me because I didn't notice him. Hehe... been away from the game for a few years and came back recently. We haven't been in any instances yet so I can't really answer the question specifically. There weren't any high level wandering mobs when I last played so this one was a surprise to me. LOL

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    Eryn Lasgalen
    Thaurlach. Also the most fun in my opinion
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    Escaping Mizzery, one tart at a time.
    The faces and names have faded from memory...

    However, the 'function' I've found most problematic is when a mob NPC is killed TOO quickly and breaks the advancement of the instance.

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    shimmy up

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    Barad Gularan. Still don't know really know how to defeat Udunion.

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    "Which instance/raid boss was the hardest you've ever encountered?"

    Ost Dunhoth was the toughest at the original level when it came out. It was so difficult that very few tried it, let alone was successful.

    When they put the wings of OD as dailies, it seemed nerfed, but it was therefore nice to be able to see the content in there, and it was good. Well, I though so. Maybe others didn't, but the challenges on level and mechanics were still pretty good even with the nerf. Even the Twin Trees is tough nowadays if you don't have a group that listens and does teamwork. [Trying to explain that fight to someone who hasn't done it is difficult, just as much as trying to understand that fight is when it's being explained and you've never seen it. I've been on both sides of that coin.]

    All in all, toughest boss is that one, or the raid as a whole. Mechanics are pretty awesome in all wings, especially when you consider them all together.
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    As was mentioned by two different posts, been out of the game for a while and trying to get back into it; Bingo Boffin is one to contend with. When I first saw was to teach him to swim my thoughts be, "What? I don't even know how to swim!"

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    I suppose maybe Draigoch.

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    Saruman rings I hate them! Haha ha

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    The landscape in the chicken instances

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    Saruman boss fight on T2 was tough!

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    "Which instance/raid boss was the hardest you've ever encountered?"

    Volume II, Book 3, Chapter 9: We Cannot Get Out

    The first time through, back in the days when Ori's Guardian skills were bugged, he could not heal, he had no Blue bar recovery, and I didn't know the tricks to use the bugs in the last scene to take a breather.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OliveYew View Post
    Which instance/raid boss was the hardest you've ever encountered?
    Naerband. Ugh. The jail stuff is super annoying.
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    Gortheron - Ost Dunhoth - In their Abscence on 65

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    The Unbroken One from Throne of the Dread Terror

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    tough bosses

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackgoat769 View Post
    Row, row, row your boat, Gently down the stream...
    I still cant really have an opinion I have only been playing for 3 years! and only just reached Orthanc.
    There is so much but really enjoyed the activity in the Mines of moria

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    Quote Originally Posted by OliveYew View Post

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.

    What raid/instance boss was the hardest? Definitely Mordirith at the end of Corn Dum when I didn't have a full fellowship.

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    Thorog 2007

    I don't really raid anymore. People just got too crazy about gear and specs and sort of forgot to have fun. But back in 2007 when Thorog was the first real raid going - our guild had such great fun together in The Great Race to Drop Thorog First that a bunch of the guilds on our server participated in. There was spying to find out what the other guilds were trying and all sorts of in game and on the forums activity. It took many tries to figure out the correct combinations of classes in the right spot to drop him. My guild won that race and we had so much fun doing it!

    The game was much different then. If you have a guild on Laurelin that still raids just for the fun of it, please send me a whisper on Deru or Nimshi! I would be most honored to join you.

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    Draigoch...died soooo many times standing on wrong place, he going braindead, someone didnt do his job,... so many things that you need to do there, but takes only one mistake and you are done

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    Boss #2 COS T2 challenge

    You know, the one that pukes everywhere....

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    Weekly Question: Sara Oakheart

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    Instance: The Hideout ... Damn Sara Oakheart


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