So it seems quotation marks work strangely when in IMs session. In all following sentences, the real " are used (shift+2), and not two times ' (which seem to work perfectly fine):

-if I write "test" to someone, only test appear (no quotation marks shown, same if I write " test " instead with the spaces);
-If I write ", the last word is repeated (for example, if I write test ", it will be shown test test);
-If I write " only, the name of the person I'm talking to will be written (for example, I'm talking to Armouria, if I send her a single ", it will be shown Armouria in chat when I press enter);

Only way they are shown right is if I put them at the end of a word without space (test"). How come? :/ (and of course, everything works fine outside of IMS tabs and in regular chats)