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    When to upgrade (and other questions).

    Hey all,

    Back after a *SIX* year hiatus. Left when the cap was 85 and had finished Eastern Rohan. So currently working through West Rohan at lvl 90 on lvl 86 or so content. I currently still have equipped my lvl 75 SA weapon and rune (I'm a Champ). From the guides on this and the Champ forums, I've got a good idea of the what and how to spec my "end game" LIs. What I'm wondering is when and how to upgrade in the interim. If I do need to slot one or two intermediate pieces on my way to my "final" ones, I don't want to throw a bunch of the stuff I've saved up into them, just to dump them several levels later. When should I upgrade, and how much should I "trick them out?"

    Another thing I have been unable to find. Is lvl 100 the highest LI that exists (then you imbue to get to 115)?

    Last, I have a bunch of lower level barter items (like Khazad Tablets, etc.) I figure the best use of them is to grab a bunch of legendary stuff to decon, etc. Is that true? If not, what else should I do with them?

    Thanks in advance!

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    My general rule of thumb is to replace LI's every 5 xp levels (85, 90, 95, 100). There are some levels where there are no craftable LI's but you can get LI's from Relic Master NPC's, under the Melding tab, or just use LI's you picked up as loot. You will need to "refine" LI relics into relic shards at a relic master NPC. Those shards are bartered to the relic master NPC to meld new LI's. The higher the tier of the relic, the more shards you get from it. I personally combine relics up to tier 7 then refine them into shards. I don't bother "tricking out" LI's I use while I am levelling up, I'll replace the LI's so quickly it's not worth the time/effort. At the most I'll get damage scrolls for weapon LI's so I'm not stuck with "common" damage.

    Level 100 is the highest level of LI in the game. Your character must be level 100 and your LI must be level 100, then you can "imbue" the LI at any Forge Master NPC. An imbued LI will have extra xp levels added to it, but the tooltip will still show it as a level 100 LI. Some of those extra xp levels will be unlocked, you just have to earn LI xp. Some of those extra xp levels will be locked. You will need to collect "Star-Lit Crytals" to unlock extra dps levels on the LI and "Scrolls of Empowerment" for extra levels on the other legacies. You will get a small number of these crystals and scrolls as quest rewards. You will need to earn/buy the rest. Warsteed bridles CANNOT be imbued at all.

    Some legacies on an LI are changed when it is imbued. My advice for imbuing LI's is to level the LI's up to their 3rd reforge in the normal manner, so the LI has 6 legacies, then imbue it. If you want a 7th legacy on the LI, you will need a "Crystal of Remembrance", which can be used on the LI before or after the LI is imbued. LI's cannot have more than 7 legacies. Some people might say to level the LI's up to max before imbuing and you can do that if you want, but it doesn't give you any meaningful advantage to do that.

    Here is a table listing which legacies are changed when the LI is imbued. https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Cha...ndary_Legacies

    At your level, rusted tools/khudzul tablets are really only useful for junk LI's to level up and deconstruct for relics and LI xp runes. If you don't want more relics or xp runes, you can ignore the tools/tablets. They just sit in your wallet, they don't take up space in your inventory. If you have any tools/tablets in your vault, put them into your inventory bag. They should be automatically moved to your wallet when you do that. If they don't move to your wallet, right-click them when they are in your beg.

    Imbued LI's CANNOT be deconstructed for relics/xp runes. DO NOT imbue junk LI's you are levelling up for relics/xp runes. To get rid of an imbued LI, make sure it is in an inventory bag, then drag it out of the bag, just like any other item you want to destroy.

    My final advice, when you reach level 100, use some junk level 100 3rd age LI to imbue first. Use those LI's as an experiment you can throw away. Once you are confident about how imbued LI's work, then get some 1st or 2nd age LI's to imbue and use.

    Are 1st age imbued LI's better? That depends. If the LI is a two-hand weapon with passive stats on it, a 1st age LI will have better passive stats than a 2nd or 3rd age LI of the same type. For one-hand LI weapons, there are no passive stats. In terms of maxing out the legacies on an imbued LI, a 1st age LI will need fewer crystals/scrolls, but 2nd and 3rd age imbued LI's can be equal to a 1st age LI, provided you can earn/buy the extra crystals/scrolls they will need to max them out.
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    Thanks for the reply, Gareth. Much appreciated.

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    There was a big jump in stats at level 86. A trashy level 86 LI does more damage than the best raid-level 85 LI. Definitely pick up a couple 86+ LIs wherever you can. You can probably get by with those until level 100, though an update or two along the way may be helpful.

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    By my findings, a lvl 86 LI will have 33% more base

    dps than lvl 86.
    And a lvl 100 has about 28% more dps than lvl 86 one.
    Google for Kaleigh guide to imbuing, it explains things fairly well.

    Now, I would say you definitely want all your slots filled with feeder item that have no other purpose than to get them to 60 and decon. It takes a lot of ixp to max out an imbue, so you don't want to waste it. Do not forget, if you have 6 slotted items gaining ixp, you have 216% bonus ratio applied. Means something that would add 1000ixp to single item would apply 360 each to 6 items for a total of 2160. Later you can forward about 90% of feeders ixp to your primary items. Also, from lvl 95, pay attention to legacies you extract from decons. A lvl 95 legacy scroll can be applied to up to lvl 100 item. So you want to assemble a set of scrolls for legacies you need.
    From what I saw, Age makes no difference for imbues aside from "that lovin' feeling" you get from a gold piece.

    A sequence of building your final LI goes something like this:
    1. Construct and identify.
    2. Take to lvl 30 and do first 3 reforges. Be sure to pick legacies you want, though if you get a major (gold) legacy option it might be worth taking just to reserve a major slot.
    If you decide not to bother with second/first age, you might want to redo steps 1-2 untill you get a luckier legacy set, but only thing it will save you in the ena are a few empo scrolls.
    3. Apply crystal of remembrance.
    4. Apply scroll of delving.
    5. Use legacy replacement scrolls so items has legacies you want. Start with majors.
    About legacy selection: considering stat explosion we got with Mordor, legacy selection process might be a bit different. For example, stat legacies used to provide a nice bonus. But now... My Warden got like 18k vitality, and fully maxed ILI vitality legacy is like +236. A drop in a bucket. Biggest bang for the buck are legacies that apply % bonus to a skill or set of skills. Those providing set numeric bonus are a lot less effective now. There ARE talks abou LI revamp, though, so you never know.
    6. Take item to lvl 70, get your 4 legacy tier updates.
    7. Dustribute legendary points to legacies.
    8. Imbue.
    Title, relics, etc can be worried about after imbue.

    Prior to starting Mordor, you will want to get your hands on about 22 starlit crystals so you can max main dps legacy. Remember, if you decide to take the store option, do NOT buy starlits - use mithril coins.



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