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    Aeradil level 50 Solo

    Hello Guys, Aeradil here (Khelthod). Level 50 captain and Leader of 'Devout of the Lidless Eye' a 6man level 50 cap kinship, which use Classic only gear (in kinship instancing/events!) and allows for non-classical gear when doing things by yourself or others.
    Ive got a huge array of things on my list which I plan to solo, firstly in non-classical gear to effectively observe the trait trees, and plan to how much harder it will be in classical only gear. then I will attempt the same things in classical only gear (gear only in SoA)
    Keep checking my screenshot log on my imgbb account, for what ive solod so far. --- https://aeradil92.imgbb.com/
    I have been searching for a programme i can use to upload vids and have just been told about OBS so i will look at recording future things with that, if i like the programme, then i shall record via it, and upload on youtube, the account will be added in an edit to this post.

    Next up, I will try Barz+Zurm in the rift with non-classical, while waiting for kinnies to finish leveling to 50.

    Then will try all 3 with classical only gear

    Thanks, Cya round.

    In the process of finding the right OBS settings.
    Here is the youtube account https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj0...dkHn1iCnJlT--Q That will host my solo content + 'Devout of the Lidless Eye' Kin stuff.
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