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Thread: Slow Leveling?

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    Slow Leveling?

    Is it just me, or is the leveling process slow? I started up again after several years away, and created a mini. I'm only lvl 23, but just completed 8 quests (and several bounties) in the Lone Lands, but only got 3/4 of a level. I feel like that should have gotten me at least a whole level if not more.

    Does this sound right, or am I missing something that would make the process faster? Thx.

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    I've always found leveling to be pretty fast in LotRO as you generally out-level the region you're in before you've finished all the quests in it.

    You don't say if the quests were on level / higher or of a lower level than your 23 mini, but 8 quests = 3/4 of a level doesn't sound to bad.

    For faster ways: Go VIP and get 30% more xp, only take on or higher level quests to get the full amount of xp. (I know they don't take off % xp if you're overleveled on a quest; what I mean is you need more and more xp per level as you go up, proportionally taking on or over level quests will jump you up quicker each quest. If you go back to the starter area's and take quests that only give 100 xp, it'll take you alot longer than taking a higher level quest that gives 1000 xp).

    And remember with LotRO it's the journey, not the end game that makes if fun.

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    The general rule of thumb that I am aware of is that it takes about 30 white quests to gain a level. There are exceptions to that. There are, or were, diminishing returns built into that. Yellow quests are, or were, the most efficient xp gain/failure risk. I don't really worry about level gain speed, though.
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    Thank you for the replies. I believe the 8 quests were white, but i'm nuking things now as it is. I'll stick to the higher lvl quests and continue pushing through. Thx all!

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    Remember you get some minor benefits for being a subber for this game.

    Leveling is not too fast and not that slow I think. In mines of Moria I actually though I gained levels alot faster than expected. But anyway it's just a mater of opinion.

    The site says 100's of hours of adventure. People must understand this is an old mmorpg back when mmopg was a mmorpg and with that idea a place where you lived and only one game to rule them all with almost endless gamplay, for as long as it is updated.



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