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    [Virtues] Calculated class specific list of recommended virtues


    I wanted to present a calculated list of virtues for the different classes. The order is determined by which virtue gives you the most slices of secondary stats with virtue level 20 at char lvl 115. That means it tells you which virtue delivers the best stat equivalent for your class. It's not meant as a guide of finetuning a character for different difficult content, but maybe a starting point for those, which are generally uncertain which virtues to chose for their character. The list takes into account, that heavy armour classes generally reach the t2 cap at char lvl 115 just by equipping incomparable armour. Of course there maybe different opinions if for example resistance is necessary in certain conditions. However I like to settle on 5 fixed virtues for every content and do situational chenages of equipment. It's propably a helpful advice for some players and less suitable for more experienced players used to situational optimization of virtues.

    BEO: Honour, Idealism, Confidence, Charity, Discipline
    BGL: Honour, Confidence, Charity, Idealism, Determination
    CHA: Honour, Confidence, Idealism, Discipline, Charity
    CPT: Honour, Idealism, Confidence, Charity, Discipline
    GRD: Honour, Confidence, Idealism, Charity, Discipline
    HUN: Honour, Confidence, Charity, Idealism, Innocence
    LOM: Confidence, Honour, Idealism, Charity, Wisdom
    MIN: Confidence, Honour, Idealism, Charity, Wisdom
    RUN: Confidence, Honour, Idealism, Charity, Wisdom
    WAR: Honour, Charity, Idealism, Confidence, Determination

    Kind regards
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