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    Resistance - for or against?

    What's the deal with 'resistance'? Do you put puts lots of points into it or only what happens to be on the gear your
    using for its other stats? Some say it is not unusual to go through an instance and not see a single resist in the combat log.
    Others say its useless or broken. I figure it is a game mechanic, therefore must have value, just not sure how much.


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    You can resist all secondary effects of an attack. Wounds, cears etc.
    Most of them only cast on the Tank..
    So you need to choose if you want a higher resistance chance or not.
    For me I just use the gear given nö further essences even on my tanks

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    Resistance covers four types of damage: Wound, Fear, Disease and Poison. Your resistance rating counts both to determine your chance to completely ignore a debuff, and if that first resist fails and the debuff is applied, your resistance rating will attempt to resist each individual pulseof the effect. If you resist a pulse, that pulse will have no effect on you.

    In some cases attacks deal physical damage, but the effect's pulses are measured against resistance.

    Examples of effects which can be resisted:
    Bleeds from Jukotor (Ruined City 1st boss).
    Fear debuff & morale drain from Dulgabeth (Seregost 2nd boss).
    Disease debuff & morale drain from bats in Lhaereth fight (Seregost last boss).

    These effects are typically strong in t2 tier only. So it's more a less a personal decision depending on the content you play, if resistance is important for you.

    Tactical classes and classes with high vitality values generally have a higher value without additional item or essence contributions, because vitality and will increase resistance.

    The most effective way of raising your resistance - if you so desire - is chosing virtues with the highest resistance contribution. In fact the resistance from virtues gives you more slices of resistance than slices of morale or primary stats (might, vitality, agility, will).

    Kind regards

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