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    New dps rotation


    I've been away few years now and I'm making a comeback but I'm really clueless about the dps rotation. Could anyone help me with the issue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techh View Post

    I've been away few years now and I'm making a comeback but I'm really clueless about the dps rotation. Could anyone help me with the issue?
    Welcome back,Randir Wanderer. I've been under fire and unstoppable past several months. I can safely say now I've conquered the Entire Middle-Earth.

    The quick Solution: My You-Tube Channel. Browse the Guardian videos specifically since May 15, 2018. The Greatest Guardian Solo Compendium of Arda ~ Everything you need to know. Ignore the empty plain words of the common ruffians/haters who will attempt to negate or twist my work. You have it all presented. For your time I'll give thee Arch Nemesis Boss clear Storvagun within Ancient Fortress of Helegrod with my special Custom made build {The Fighter of Shadow Remastered} which is the answer to everything.Such fire,willpower,focus,Mastery was unseen and unheard before. Tis a wondrous video. Also check My own special thread for Newest Clear: The Lost Temple: An Incredible death-defying and Mega Intense clashes.

    Regarding Keen's Blade pure DPS rotation, it is laughable. I even with non DPS have cleaved through Elite master foes with ease and rapid succession. The Guardian's DPS has been amp-ed up enormously. The General rule is too keep up your bleeds , but the attack speed, direct damage and overall potency of your Bleed critical and Hammer Down critical damage is so potent that barely matters the rotation even in PvMP scenario ,Trust me. Hammer Down followed by For example Sweeping cut + Stomp {If attack is parried } Retaliation ~ Trust ~ To the king, stagger, Sting , Force opening ~ Overvelm. It makes little difference if you miss one bleed or skip one skill.

    The fact most players do not yet clearly see is the Skill set. Every single Guardian's skill is by default as the "Fast". Combine it with already rapid attack speed and "cheating" with execution of particular skills followed by Immediate skills such are:

    Brutal Assault +stomp
    Sweeping cut + Ignore the pain
    Trust + Catch the breath , a very good way to pop bleeds asap.
    Warrior's Heart{BraveHeart} + Overwhelm {Deadly wound}

    The Examples.

    Visualise the Champion with every Fast skill. That would almost unfathomable and inconceivable.

    It does not take long to figure out correct and devastating skill rotation in pure red, well With add of Yellow or Blue depends on the foe and situation you are dealing.

    Do not forget to use sting or stagger legacy and spam it before. You can use Force Opening and then before retaliation sting + stagger + retaliation + Trust + To The King + War chant followed again by Stagger Sting , either Brutal assault or Guardians ward. Improvise. I generally start by highest damaging skill and the use of Charge legacy can aid you a bit. +10 sec 10% melee damage/Run speed. I knock down my foe with Hammer-Down and dish out highest possible damage in shortest amount of time and generate bleeds.

    If you have any fruther questions do not hesitate to ask

    Vanya Sulie.
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