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    The Middle-Earth Marathon By Vanyalanthirel Astaldo

    The Middle-Earth Marathon By Vanyalanthirel Astaldo ,Faster than War-Steed The Steadfast

    Start: The Ice Fortress of Kibilizahar, The Frozen Wastes of Forochel.

    The End: Ennyn Ur {Talath Urui} The Land of Fire and Shadow.

    The Approximate route taken. Crudely drawn by Red Lines. A MiddleEarth's Tale of Ice and Fire.
    Part I out of IV

    Part II https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JZcLPDEwmQ&t=394s
    Part III https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbY8J_eOV4Q&t=4s
    Part IV The End of Journey ~ The MiddleEarth Marathorn Chapter IV From Realm of Gondor until Ennyn Ur ~

    She ran from Northernmost point of Middle-Earth Talvi Muri, Precisely the Ice-Fortress of Kiblizahar until thevery gates of Nurn, Ennyn-Nur within Talath-Urui. {Mordor} I believe it was never done before.At least not in such style and the overall distance covered. One can truly witness and wonder the glory,splendour and magnificence of Arda.

    I had to divide the Marathorn in Four Parts due to inevitable crashes and errors along the way. The Mount was not used. Only Charge the Guardian Speed run/skill. I passed the Distant Frozen Wasteland of Forochel and came to another Hellishly Infernal landscape. The Arda's Adventure of "Ice and Fire" With Vanyalanthiriel Vanimelda Faster Than Warsteed the Steadfast.

    The Inspiration source and the Being One of the Ainur {Vala} Tulkas, Tulkas was so strong and quick that he needed no weapon or steed. Vanyalanthriel as well. Her strength was of Ancient word and she could out run anything,Alive or Dead. Creature Great or Small. For she can outrun all things that go on feet, and she is tireless.

    The Possibly Unknown Words ~

    Talvi Muri ~ Finnish {Northern Wall}

    Ennyn Ur ~ Gates of Fire {Sindarin}

    Astaldo ~ Astaldo (Q: "the Valiant", pron. [as?taldo]) Was another name for Tulkas. Q~ Quenya.

    "The Faster than-Warsteed" A quick Summary

    The High Elf Guardian Vanyalanthriel Astaldo The Steadfast.

    The Keen's Blade {Red} Stance gives one 60% Run speed by Default for every Guardian. Tip ~ A separate non Imbued Weapon for further Sprint enchantment +10 Charge Seconds.

    The Racial bonus +10% Out of Combat Run speed. Grace of the Firstborn.

    Featured Instance 2/6 Armour Set bonus +10% Run speed.

    Coffee or Out of Combat Speed bonus +10% Speed.

    190% Out of combat Run speed. Faster than War-steed Fast. It can rise over 200% even eventually.

    Thus it came to pass finally Vanyalanthriel came to the Terrible gates of Enny Ur the entrance to sorrowful lamenting lands of Nurn. For she endured and ran faster than Tulkas Astaldo and her Wrath was greater than Dreaded lord Orome.

    Our Marathon has endeed, as Promised from Northernmost point of Middle-Earth Talvi Muri ~ Ennyn Ur.

    Enjoy the extraordinarily beautiful scenery ,soundtrack and my passionate speech. Fashioned with Ultimate passion,Sincerely


    The Running outfit ,Please check the other videos/Threads for Detailed Description.

    The Extra Lore Links ~


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