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    New Bassoons and BruTE


    I went into the Bullroarer data files as I kind of missed the chance to try the new bassoons ingame - if you want to hear all three new bassoons in action in a little test song, check this link:


    ( the staccato bassoon plays on the left, the flat one on the right, in the middle is the vibrato one ... the vibrato is a bit silent, so i doubled that part with itself transposed by one octave up - this why it sounds a bit weird )

    The entire song is a 9 parter: bassoon vibrato, bassoon staccato, bassoon flat (they probably have different names ingame), bardic + sprightly fiddle, and to make it a real song: lute/horn/theorbo/drums.

    Also: if you want to play around with those 3 new bassoons, the latest version of BruTE (alpha 26) has them available ( the volumes are highly questionable though .. I need game recordings to set those correctly ):


    You can of course hear the new bassoons only in the WAV rendering preview of BruTE.

    @Digero: feel free to copy the samples out of the SF2 file that comes with BruTE and use it for Maestro if you want to safe the effort of extracting.

    edit: I totally forgot to say:

    Well done!

    The bassoons are nice, the vibrato one (i guess thats the lonely mountain bassoon ) is too low in volume, but even if you put those bassoons in the game like they are they will be an improvement to the music system.
    And those who know my posts know that I do not say something like that lightly, hehehe...
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    That doesn't sound too bad. But I will also point out that the faster tones will be different in Maestro than BruTE unless Digero makes a new version that is much more similar to the 1.x versions of Maestro.

    It's nice to get new instruments to "play" around with though the number of instruments availible is somewhat ridiculous, if you ask me. Especially when there still quite a few issues with existing instruments.
    But thanks for ###... ehhh bassons.
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    What are the ranges of the new instruments comparable to? Clari? Horn? Theo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by starschwar_lotro View Post
    What are the ranges of the new instruments comparable to? Clari? Horn? Theo?
    The full range of 37 tones C, to c'.

    Overall you can compare them to the fiddles, though the sound is of course different:

    lonely mountain bassoon <-> lonely mountain fiddle ( vibrato )
    brusque bassoon <-> sprightly fiddle ( short tones )
    basic basson <-> basic fiddle ( flat simple tones )
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    Thanks for this! I was so curious and didn't get to get on test server to check them out.

    I like them already.

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    Heya Bruzo,

    Hey there,

    Bassoons eh? I only found one type on the Bard. Where do we find the others and have you any clue if we'll get them in Maestro? I'll re-grab Brute too, because why not

    How do you find them so far?

    /Joinchannel AnorMusic

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    The Lonely Mountain Bassoon was a reward from the Harvest Festival. (I picked up a few of them and would be willing to share for those who didn't get one.) I would assume more might be at the Winter Festival.



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