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    Help with Backstory. A noble Gondorian in Bree

    Hey everyone, first off I want to say I love this game, but I have major OCD and if I spot something wrong on my character or he doesn't look right I restart the game. It's literally driving me crazy. But I think I may have found a solution. My main thing is that I want to play a Gondorian with some Numenorian blood ex pale skin, grey eyes, and black hair. He's not a Dunedain by the way. I tried using the color palette of the Gondor region, but I cant create a pale character without a lot of red or pink around the lower part of the face. The Bree palette fits perfectly, but the problem is that I am trying to think of how a Gondorian could be born in Bree. So someone please help me I want to play this game.

    Also if you answer please do not leave remarks like:
    If your having trouble playing the game, quit or "Actually a Gondorian would never be born in Bree because insert long explanation about lore."

    I need solutions.

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    As someone trying to get rp happening for Gondor, hello there.

    I read through your post, and I've got some sour news mixed with some really good news too. I'll start with the sour parts, piece by piece.

    To begin with, it's good you bring up that you want to play someone of Numenorean descent. Those that do have Numenorean descent are indeed the Dunedain; having Numenorean descent but not being Dunedain is either an oxymoron, or their bloodline does not come from the Faithful, but with the likes of the Kings that sacrificed people to Morgoth and eventually did their own thing in Umbar. So if you want to have someone of Numenorean descent in Gondor, they're probably going to have the blood of the Dunedain with them, or their family outright fled from Umbar at some point in the far past- and that's a complicated can of worms you do NOT want to open.

    Second, you are capable of creating someone with a pale face in the Gondor palette, and although the eyes are hard to get, you can get very close to grey if you go as far to the top left as you can. I'd recommend you do that, as the way the game handles the origins, they're also meant to represent your character's ethnicity, not just the place they grew up in. You're not creating a Gondorian born in Bree-land per se if you use the Bree-land origin, you're just creating a Bree-lander, which I don't think you plan to. (You're also locked out of most titles relating to Gondor until 95+, but that's another story.) Don't use the Bree palette, use Gondor's.

    Lastly, there's a really big factoid of information that you're missing- you actually CAN get to Gondor immediately once you've finished the intro and are let loose on the map without having to level! Here are the steps:

    1. Go to the Boar Fountain in Bree.

    2. At the fountain will be a lady labeled as the Belfalas Housing Broker. Click on her, and choose any of the available houses for sale. Click 'Tour House', and you will be teleported to the housing neighborhood in the midst of Gondor.

    3. Now that you're here, there's two exits. If you stick around outside the exits for too long, you'll be one-shotted by wildlife. However, immediately outside either exit is a horse that when right clicked on will instantaneously transport you to a major city of Gondor.

    3.5. Taking the horse in the eastern exit will dump you in the middle of Minas Tirith. The catch is that it's Minas Tirith just before the Battle of Pelennor fields, so don't step outside or into one of the taverns on the first floor if you don't want to get shot immediately. Other than that, you've got the run of the place. If you take the horse in the northern exit, you'll wind up in Dol Amroth, home of Prince Imrahil and the Swan Knights in all their awesomeness, complete with being able to walk into both Imrahil's halls and the Keep of the Swan Knights. It's probably the second most important city in Gondor by the time of LOTR.

    The inhabitants of Dol Amroth look much more like the way you want your character to look, meaning he'd blend right in at Imrahil's court. I'd recommend rping in Dol Amroth, but if Minas Tirith on the eve of battle suits you, that's fine too.

    TL;DR, the character design you want is possible to make with the Gondor palette, and you do not have to rp them as being exiled to Bree at all if you use the Belfalas Housing Broker to get there immediately. Welcome to Imrahil's court!



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