Will try to keep this short and simple. I am leveling up a High Elf Captain - first toon I have leveled up in about 3-4 years. And I have been surprised and impressed at many small and large ways the process has become much better since I first leveled the other toons years ago. Better grouping of quests, quests grouped around new hubs, lots and lots of new stables so we're not constantly schlepping across entire zones all the time just to turn in quests. Little things, like in Moria where instead of having to fight around and through three sides of a square hall to get to a mini-boss they added a bridge so we just pop over and take out the bad guy. And a quest chain in which we slowly work our way through the Halls of Durin on the way to Orc Watch. Not to mention a goat that takes us straight there for the first time. I used to get royally lost trying to find that place.

Why not just buy Valar and insta-level this toon? Sure I could. But I wanted to try the long journey again. Which is now very very long. Small moment of humor = got the port to Caras Galadhon. I thought "awesome!" and ported there so I could catch a fast horse to Twenty First Hall. Ah but if you haven't done the quest to enter Caras Galadhon you can't buy a ride out. It's like the Village in The Prisoner except no Rover.

Some good work by the devs.