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    Thane Radwig in Rohan(Spoilers!!!!!)

    Thane Radwig's quest chain is my favorite in the entire game. Seeing him grow pulls at my heart strings everytime.

    Radwig shows great courage for one so young. You must ready yourself for an attack on the Mead Hall.
    Thane Radwig says, "Guards!"Guard says, "Yes, my Thane?"

    Thane Radwig says
    , "You must leave this Hall at once and go defend the town."

    Etta says, "No! I forbid you to leave the Thane unprotected."

    Etta says
    , "It is your duty to stand between Radwig and any who dare threaten him."

    Guard says
    , "I...yes, my lady. Of course."

    Thane Radwig says
    , "This is not open for debate. The townsfolk need protection."

    Guard says, "But Thane, your mother is right --"

    Thane Radwig says, "Forgive me if I did not make myself clear...."

    Thane Radwig says, "Let me try this again."

    Thane Radwig says
    , "If you do not do the duty your Thane assigned you at once, and protect your people...."

    Thane Radwig says, "...I will throw you in the stocks when this battle is done."

    Guard says
    , "Our apologies, Thane Radwig!"

    Guard says
    , "Heh...reminds me of his father, does that one."

    Etta says
    , "Radwig...."Thane Radwig says, "I am not a boy any longer, mother. I am responsible for my father's people."

    Etta says, "I know, my dear son. You were right, of course."Etta says, "You do not know how hard it is to watch you become a true Thane."

    Etta says, "But I am so proud of you. You are so much like your father."

    Good stuff, I love it.

    I disagree with a lot of the gameplay decisions, but dang they make some good story lines.
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    His story doesn't really finish until the Hytbold Witan quests
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