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    new to champ, seeking advice

    Red, blue, or yellow - what is best for soloing landscape quests and epic quests? Dual-wield or 2h? When I get to Mordor (if) I can revisit these questions, so from Archet to Wastes how should I equip and trait? Thanks in advance for your help.

    Also, is one race better than another for champions - man, dwarf?
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    I prefer questing in redline, therefore a two handed weapon is better.

    If you have the Highelf, i would recomend playing one (+10% movespeed), if not pick a Men. Dwarfs have some really bad animations so i would not recomend playing as such.
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    I'd recommend Red 'Beserker' trait line for questing/landscape for the vast majority of levels. When you get up to 50+ pts you'll be doing some type of hybrid build. My preference has been Red primary with yellow secondary to gain more AoE skills. But that'll be lvl 80. Yellow has some advantages with certain quests/mobs, but I never used it allot before Mordor. Great for group play though. If defense is your game than Blue is your colour!

    DW and 2H debates have raged since the game began - try both and find what you like. Realize that DW is dependent on a good off-hand weapon for an accurate comparison. Also right now DW is a bit handicapped due to previous tinkering, hopefully that will be fixed soon. If you find a huge difference between the two there is something amiss.

    I'd go with race of man for a champ but I think that's just a matter of preference - look over the racial stats in wiki first and make an informed decision.
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