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    Bounder's Bounty Decorations plus two

    Hello development team!

    As always, I'm a grateful player who enjoys the game. I quest, I socialize and even organize an annual player event over on Crickhollow (Hello Muddy Foot Day!!!). But of late, I really have gotten into decorating my Hobbit hole on both Crickhollow and Landroval. I'm making a couple of subtle changes between the two here and there so that my hobbit homes aren't identical (even though they are pretty darn close). And this week I read an interesting article on massivelyop about players of MMOs decorating their houses and putting thought into their player cosmetics. Funny enough I empathized with a majority of the comments in that article.

    So I'll get right to it: can we please bring back the Bounder's Bounty housing decorations an attach them as new rewards for either Harvest or Fall festivals.

    Can we add some housing decorations from the Shire (i.e. tables with chairs, bookshelves with books on them, the stein painting, the Inn League banners, shelf of mini-kegs,stuffed boar head, etc.)

    Can we also add a Shirriff's/Bounder's uniform cosmetic please and thanks? If I have to pick between the three, obviously I'm going with the Bounder's housing decorations. But you don't ask you don't get.

    As much as this is a "for me" request (because all player suggestions are), I also think that reviving and adding these housing decorations would add an awesome element to player houses. I know my Hobbit houses would greatly benefit from adding both the Green Dragon painting and one of the Laden tables (I'd debate between Butcher's and Produce). I can see a kin house outfitting a full-on kitchen!!

    But the greater point is that some of these housing decorations already exist as housing items. For players who earned them during the 2013 event, I'd say five years having gone by is plenty of time for them to not get upset that others get to have that chance. And for a player like me who joined during the BB event and had zero idea what housing was all about then, I had zero clue that I'd end up wanting a handful of those items for my Hobbit houses. Going back to them already existing, however, my point there is that reviving them shouldn't be too much of a struggle and would give players new and old the opportunity to get some awesome housing decorations. Thanks for the consideration and I hope Harvest and Fall festivals get nice additions this year!

    EDIT: I forgot, can we also add a handheld pipe cosmetic item?
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    I'm up for this, bring it all back, and give people who weren't around for the event, something to work for. B/bounty was a successful event IMO and got all the servers working hard with many players enjoying the fun. I'd guess that a repeat of the event (more of an extension to it, than actually repeating it) would go down very well with the newer players. Yes, the statue was completed, but hey, it's always going to need maintenance They could call for a new round of token collection to pay for upkeep.
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    I would be okay with the entire event coming back. Obviously couldn't have it exactly the same, but some form of it with the old rewards as well as perhaps some new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dagorironfist View Post
    Can we also add a Shirriff's/Bounder's uniform cosmetic please and thanks?
    It may not look very exciting, but you can get a Bounder's Hauberk from the Outfitter Ernald Boffin, at the Golden Perch in Stock. There is also a Shirriff's Hauberk available from Buttercup Grubb in Michel Delving. With the Bounder Shirriff's Cap reward from the early Michel Delving quest chain, you can be pretty much covered, but I think a nice thick cudgel or club completes the look.



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