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    Question about crafting

    I have been around 11 years, but am now just wandering in towards Mordor, with a couple of +100 characters and a few in the 80's and 90's. I haven't paid too much attention to update notices etc, just experiencing them in-game. I have searched around online and think I know the answer, but want to confirm. I assume this has been hashed out many times, but please humor me. One post that came up in my searches repeatedly was the developer's diary from 2015 so again, I think I know the answer but am wondering if there's been a change since then. The developer's diary obviously wouldn't have just said "guild crafting is now obsolete".

    Question: Did guild crafting essentially stop at Anorien?

    I have 5 characters that are all at max rep in most of the guilds. I only recently tried to get guild recipes for Anorien armor and could not find it. All I see is auto-bestowed essence armor with nothing but morale ( plus a token fate boost for crits) and 3 slots. The slotted armor I got from Dol Amroth is better.
    Jewelry does have a stat boost, but again, it's just auto-bestowed stuff.

    Are there higher guild recipes in Mordor or beyond? Or are guilds irrelevant once you hit Anorien?

    If so, that makes me sad given that I thought guild advantages would grow with me....what was the point?

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    Anorien got nothing for guild. Which is indeed a shame. The crafting tiers past certain poinr all require 840/1680 xp to master. If they added extra levels to guild at same rep cost, and provided good recipes, it would be great.

    For Doomfold, each profession has two recipes that require max guild standing: gorgoroth adamant that decons to 40 ash, and a 1000-point allegiance rep item. Both are a way for someone just starting Mordor to get a leg up on ash gear and allegiance rewards. For anyone who finished Mordor and unlocked dailies, these are pretty much useless.



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