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    Best Minstrel Armour Jewelry Lvl 115

    I've completed all of the Restoring the Three Kingdoms Quests and have now gotten the go ahead to start the Northern Stronghold dailies. But I need to get my armour and jewelry updated with the N.S. Essences and I see how I can craft them (or buy them from AH) but where is the best jewelry and armour to be bought and what method of payment is used there? I have Ash and Tokens of the Lake & Rivers.

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    Can you expand more as to what you want the armour for ?

    Do you want to heal instances ? Solo DPS ?

    The best armour for everything comes from raid , you need to complete 1 t2 run as a minimum if you want to barter for it.
    It's going to be tough to find a run nowadays though. Most people have stopped raiding.

    Also note there's going to be a new level cap in around 1 month. Are you sure you want to upgrade your essences now ?
    You can always sell some for gold.

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    solo DPS is what I usually do since I don't have a huge kinship and we aren't always on at the same time. So I don't get much chance to Raid either.
    Would the Tokens of Lake and Rivers be good for the upgrade in a month or would there be some new token to barter with?

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    Just check out the ash barterers in Mordor or Erebor for whatever has the best stats (avoid the ones with outgoing healing). Regarding the lake tokens, go to Dale and find the vendor outside of the big hall because that is the one with the best light armor and jewelry. Check out the stats on those items and figure out what you want to start grinding toward by doing the dailies. You can also run the featured instances at 115 for some possible upgraded gear. I think the update will come in about 2 months, so I doubt you can max out your character, but just improve where you can. The dailies will go faster as your stats improve.

    Short version: Just start grinding the tokens and see where you can get to before the next update.
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    North Mirk has three main quest hubs, Felegoth, Dale and Erebor.

    Felegoth barters medium armour and jewellery with Agility (and medium might gear for Beornings. Heavy armour classes can use the Beorning jewellery as well).
    Dale barters light armour and jewellery with Will.
    Erebor is slightly different, it is the Allegiance hall for the dwarves, so it has the standard range of 115 gear that all the Allegiance halls have (barter with Mordor ash, Signets, Tokens of Service and Last Alliance relics), plus a couple of extra NPC's that barter heavy armour and might jewellery for North Mirk tokens.

    If we put the raid gear aside and look at the standard barter gear, you can divide the gear (armour and jewellery) into two basic groups, Offence and Defence. The Offence gear is the gear with stats that increase your dps, things like higher stats for Will/Agil/Might, Phys/Tact Mastery, Crit Rating. The Defence gear has less Will/Agil/Might, more Vit/Morale, and other defensive stats like Phys/Tact Mit, Crit Defence, Resistance plus avoidance stats for Block, Parry, Evade.

    For the light armour classes (LM, Mini, RK) who can heal, the Defence gear will also have Outgoing Healing.

    So, let's list the barter NPC's and their 115 gear.

    High-Enchanter Elf Smith NPC -
    Light Expedition's Vanguard Rare (purple, offensive stats). Light Mordor's Bane Rare (purple, defensive stats).
    Light Expedition's Vanguard Incomparable (teal, offensive stats). Light Mordor's Bane Incomparable (teal, defensive stats).

    Keeper of Mysteries NPC -
    Light Armour - Incomparable. The Abyss armour has the defensive stats, the Wyrm armour has the offensive sats. No jewellery.
    This NPC also has barterable essences.

    Allegiance Hall Quartermaster NPC -
    Superior Light Armour. The Towers armour has the offensive stats, the Last Alliance armour has the defensive stats.
    Superior Jewellery - Will. The Towers jewellery has the offensive stats, the Last Alliance jewellery has the defensive stats.

    Ruins of Dingarth. Master of Mordor Lore - Gorgoroth Rewards Vendor - Shields & Greater Shields. This NPC is approx. 100 meters northwest of Dingarth stable master.
    Bright Aegis of Fingar (purple light shield, offensive stats). Bright Aegis of the Firehorn (purple light shield, defensive stats).
    Brilliant Aegis of Fingar (teal light shield, offensive stats, T1 Abyss completion required). Brilliant Aegis of the Firehorn (teal light shield, defensive stats, T1 Abyss completion required). Note there are also light shields with might on this NPC, because Captains (a might class) can use light shields. Make sure you don't pick the wrong light shield.

    Quartermaster - Men of Dale Rewards (just outside the front door of the Dale Great Keep)
    The "Bard's Will" armour has the offensive stats, the "Bard's Honour" armour has the defensive stats.
    The "Bard's Will" jewellery has the offensive stats, the "Bard's Honour" jewellery has the defensive stats.

    There are craftable teal helmets, necklaces and pocket items in both Mordor and North Mirk. The recipes are multi-output with offensive and defensive versions for Might, Agil and Will. Metalsmith makes the heavy helmets, tailor makes the medium and light helmets, jeweller makes the necklaces and scholar makes the pocket items.
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