First off, this is just a concept... I do not expect this to make it to the game. Really, it's just for fun, but seeing as it is a suggestion for a new class... why not?

So here we go.
Class name: soldier.
races that can use it: humans, elves, high elves, dwarves.
basic idea: so a soldier is a support class, usually doing Melee damage. the three trait trees are for different aspects of a soldier: melee, ranged, and healing. none of them are any better than the other, and none of them are particularly any good. they are also no stronger than the main class for that style. for example, the healing tree will not make the soldier a better healer than a minstrel.

Soldiers will also get a move at level 25 where they are able to summon 3 soldiers from nearby to fight for 10 seconds... the amount of time will increase every level by a little bit. the soldiers take the form of the type of race that is native to the area. for example, if you are in Moria you will get 3 dwarf soldiers.

Soldiers can use swords, bows, crossbows, spears, axes, daggers, and maces. They can wear all types of armor.
basic moves: for ranged, basically the moves will be nerfed versions of the hunter's moves... barbed arrow, and quick shot, at least. there are other moves, but there will only be about 5-8 moves that come from each trait tree.
melee is a combination of heavy strikes based after champion, lighter strikes that crit based off of burglar, and some regular slashes, jabs... that thing.
Healing: self-heal, group heal, several regeneration and armor buffs, none of which are too powerful.

Soldiers are best in a group with other soldiers, where they can easily switch trait trees and basically become a well-oiled machine. They also work well in place of hunters or captains. It is not advised to replace a minstrel with these, as the healing moves are none too spectacular.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this, and developers: feel free to use some ideas for a new class or something. I don't expect anything to happen, but still, feel free to check some of this out.