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    What is my favourite zone in the game?

    When I began to play, the Nenuial (Lake Evendim) was my favourite zone. Now after many years I really love Lothlorien (even though I left it long ago) because of the special light and the trees. Especially the flets are amazing - I'd love to live there. Musically it would rather be the Belfalas Homesteads.
    Sometimes though I really enjoy coming back to Celondim where my personal game-experience started and to feel like I just came "home".

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    Rohan! I love all aspects of it. The design of the area is jaw-dropping and the soundtrack is amazing. I love the quests as well. I was pretty sad when I finished it and moved into Gondor.
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    Moria is my favorite construction across all of the MMOs I have played...

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    Love Eregion and Evendim!

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    Rohan for sure!

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    "What is your most favorite zone in the game?"

    Rohan. The music, the ambiance, the horizon to galop... it's wonderful

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    Interesting question! I think my answer will have to be Minas Tirith. Why? Yes, I know it has its issues and suffers from a horribly impractical layout - but the love and skill that has been involved in the making of this zone really makes it shine. The optional, at times overly long quests makes you sad for the ones that perish in the battle (you know of whom I speak). Minas Tirith stands as one of the last really great monuments of Men that has not fallen into ruin or disuse. And its depiction in-game should be recognized.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OliveYew View Post

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.

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    What is your most favorite zone in the game?

    Court of Lothlorien. Nearly every amenity I could ask for in the same room on a five minute recharge timer. And it's pretty!
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    Southern Mirkwood or Ringlo Vale!

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    Angmar. So many different horrors located in Angmar. Interesting epic quests, darkness, but zone not so dark as Mordor. Even Roving Threat has cool models

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    Lothlorien, because it is so breathtakingly beautiful! I also love Rivendell for its beauty, but it can't compare. Caras Galadhon is simply put superior in comparison to Rivendell, and the Trollshaws can't even compare to Lothlorien. If easthetics were rewardable with grades, then lothlorien gets 15/10 and trollshaws a 6/10, whereas rivendell gets a 9/10 and caras galadhon gets 100/10 times infinity.

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    "What is your most favorite zone in the game?"

    Buckland, so far its the only place that I would want to risk a trip to Moria and beyond to protect.

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    Rohan probably. I'll give a mention to Moria but only after you have done it at least twice on alts.

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    Angmar. The landscape raid bosses are neat, and the why-are-you-even-THINKING-of-coming-here parts in the northeast really capture the idea of being in the heart of bad guy territory. Honorable mention to Osgiliath. Sometimes irritating to deal with bad guys every 5 feet, but I do like that you can't forget you're in the middle of a war zone.

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    Personally, I like all of Rohan the most, but other regions too (except for Angmar )

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    My favourite zone is the Shire, because the landscape is beautiful and it's so peaceful compared to other regions. And I do love hobbits!

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    Gondor housing area!

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    Wow, that is definitely hard to choose a favorite region! And I'm only lvl 49!

    Evendim - absolutely loved this region. By far, one of my favorite questing places, if not my favorite.

    Angmar - Angmar really changed the game for me when I got there. Such a dark, evil zone - the developers/designers did a fantastic job with this place.

    Bree - forever just feels like coming home

    Forochel - super unique and different from other regions in Eriador! Really creative change from the normal region; peaceful and pretty place as well.

    Eregion - This is up on my list with Evendim. Beautiful region, and I LOVED the music in Nan Sirannon/southern Eregion.

    This last one might be a surprise to some, but:

    Lone-Lands - I always think about how well-made this region really was. Nothing necessarily is spectacular or awe-inspiring about it, but it does such a brilliant job of taking the inexperienced and naive player out of the (mostly friendly) region of Bree, and transitioning him to the rest of 'Middle-Earth', which for the most part, there's a lot of evil out there. It's the perfectly designed transition region. The Barrow-Downs feel evil as well, but their evil is kinda contained in a side area. With the majority of other regions, evil is all around. I just remember travelling through Lone-lands and being like, 'Ok, this is middle-earth, the path is surrounded by enemies - orcs, crows, wargs, spiders, wights-, not just boars and bears. things are getting real'

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    What is your most favorite zone in the game?

    Quote Originally Posted by OliveYew View Post
    ... Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.
    Used to be Lothlorien for many years but the devs finally outdid it with North Ithilien immense gardens & pristine waterfalls.

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    ettenmoors and only ettenmoors
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    Gormalin Grove, a nice and small hidden forest nobody knows of but me :-).
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    Hard decision.
    Trollshaws and Eregion - same unique atmosphere in both regions, so much old elven lore, colorful, nice soundtrack
    Evendim - pure pleasure to play in this hot summer days
    Moria - simply magnificent and epic

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    Forochel, without a doubt. It was my first region purchase after saving up the Turbine Points, years ago. The cosmetics and item sets are very different, love them. The skirmish is fun and can be challenging at times. The Dourhand mines are a nice alternative to grinding Sarnur for Thorin's rep. It had that eastern entrance into far northwestern Angmar. Amazing place for mat gathering (except for wood, add wood nodes to the southern half someday, please devs, there are enough trees for it to make sense.) The whole place is just a giant nostalgia kick every time I take a toon through there.


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