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    I love the Trollshaws. I've levelled up a hunter just to run through it on level once again. :-)

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    Lake Evendim has always been my favorite

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    So many fond memories...

    I've loved them all at different times but Moria I love most and most often. As a new player it was often quite challenging, frustrating, and confusing. Overcoming the challenges and learning to do group content has only allowed my love to grow.

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    The Shire, mainly because of the Brandywine Bridge and the music that plays there

    I would always go back and forth just to hear the music play again. It's a pity the song plays only once and it is not repeating

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    Quote Originally Posted by OliveYew View Post

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.
    Ettenmoors pvmp zone and Gramsfoot if you asked about town

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    Bree-land of course

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    My Favorite LOTRO zone

    My Favorite LOTRO zone is the Rivendell area in the Trollshaws. It is absolutely beautiful. It is so well done.

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    My Favorite Zone

    My favorite zone would be Evendim. Mostly because of the ranger presence and the back story of Aragorn. The scenery there and music are both beautiful as well.

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    Evendim because it is the merging of the the past and the present. The new and the old, bringing them back to life. Also how can you not love the beauty of the area.

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    My favourite zone

    As common and perhaps corny as it sounds, my favourite zone has been and always will be the entrance to Rivendell from the Trollshaws. It's been almost seven years since my wife and I, experiencing together this most magnificent of worlds and the heartfelt homage to the great Professor himself, first followed that long and twisted path that eventually revealed one of the greatest desires of our literary hearts. Even today, the genuine joy I feel in entering that zone is palpable. Although my hearing is damaged, the tears of bliss on my wife's face were enough to inform me that Rivendell was a delight for all senses, and we increased the volume until the entire room, indeed our entire beings, were suffused with the melody that served as a delicate yet irresistible call to Imladris. And called we were. Neither of us even remember progressing far enough along the pathway to see the entire valley render so beautifully, but we will never forget the avalanche of nostalgia and the collected years of dreams from reading Tolkien's work made manifest before our very eyes. More recently, many years and many frustrations later - many of which were personal, and some of which were political and tried their hardest to convince us that the world is a hard place, filled with people for whom imagination is simply an excuse for mayhem and malevolence. To this day, in spite of those who would spread divisiveness, isolationism and antagonism, my wife and I will always cling to that very first memory of seeing the valley of Rivendell, imbued with ethereal music and a beauty fueled by our imaginations that, combined, are infinitely more powerful than the enmity in the world.

    Every once in a while, I go back to enjoy that view again. Not only does it fill my heart with joy, it also emboldens me to look hatred in the face and smile. The Last Homely House was a refuge to those who fled from terror, and it still exists today, albeit digitally, for those of us who occasionally need reminding that strength not only comes in companionship, but also in the willingness to face evil in its very lair and know that we will be victorious.

    With warm regards,

  11. It just has to be Ered Luin ^^ It was the first region I ever quested in (elf hunter), has such beautiful landscapes and lovely music. The quests are fun, and it's just a relaxing and enjoyable area to play through.
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    The Mines of Moria is by FAR my favorite Zone, The introduction of LI's, Helping the Dwarves, Riding Goats! It is such a vast and diverse area, from in ground lakes and waterfalls, for fiery pits, and even the outdoor frozen mountains. The Book Quest and group content, along with amount the Raids that Peoples of middle earth still run regularly, easily makes the case that it is the best zone, and Clearly my favorite! "Dwarves must Fight for Dwarves"!!

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    The Ettenmoors

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    Quote Originally Posted by OliveYew View Post

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.
    My favorite area is Nan Celebrant in Lothlórien. That road is beautiful and breathtaking and it always sets me in a special state of mind. Calm and relaxed and stunned of the beauty and back in my head I´m waiting for a magnificiant place and upcoming adventures.

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    I'm going to have to pick Ered Luin. My first character was a dwarf and that was my first taste of Middle-earth. Thorin's Hall, Noglond, Gondolin... Whenever I go back there I remember the "magic" I felt 10 years ago.

    But the Shire and Evendim are very close runners-up! I love the scenery, the "culture," the nostalgia, and the quests in both places.

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    I haven't been to most of them yet, but I have a soft spot for Ered Luin, especially up around Thorin's Gate.

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    Carn Dum. I love the maze of going through and having bosses able to find everywhere. Need a map to navigate and able to spend hours of epic raid-like boss battles.

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    My Favorite LOTRO zone

    Since dwarves are my favorite race in every Fantasy game and book I have to choose "The Mines of Moria" of course.

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    The Shire, of course. No self-respecting Hobbit would ever need go anywhere else.
    What shows is what there is.

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    My favorite area is The Mines of Moria. Its exactly like i always thought how it should be. A gigantic labyrinth.

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    "What is your most favorite zone in the game?"
    Moria is the best. Great music, lots of content, lots of slaughter and great quests.
    "Agarwaen Blades" - RIP

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    LOTRO Unforgetable Play

    Quote Originally Posted by OliveYew View Post

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.
    I Just Want To Compliment Standing Stone For The Wonderful Job They Do On LOTRO!

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    My favorite zone is the shire, it's my happy place.


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