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    I've always loved the Trollshaws. That Eternal autumn; dark bark with the turned leaves and evergreens, made me wish I would stay forever in The Valley.
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    Ummm so hard to choose just one!

    The Shire because obviously, IT'S THE SHIRE. I use the Shire when I teach The Hobbit and LotR to my middle and high school students. I have them all create characters and we tour Bag End and other key areas mentioned in the books. They always love it.

    Breeland (caveat OLD-style Breeland before all the changes) - So many mini-zones with different feels to them within the larger area, plus the ability to fully experience each of them before moving on. Other, more recent zones have had a similar feel that I liked, but were more compact in levels played and were structured so that you end up being pushed through hotspots linearly rather than experiencing the more sandbox style of Breeland.

    Bonus: Least favorite: Angmar (especially West Angmar) - could it BE more brown? so much brown. Ugh. Blech. Hated it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by symster View Post
    The North Downs.

    Rolling hills, wide open spaces, rocky hilltops, scattered farmsteads, and the secret town of the Rangers, always take me back to the earliest days when I was playing LOTRO. I rarely go there now but whenever I do I feel "young" again, as if a thousand mysteries are waiting for me still!
    Congratulations, you have won this weeks contest!

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