This thread contains suggestions for both PvE and PvMP, and includes a wide range of topics, from crafting to Legendary Items, Featured Instances and so on.



- Simplify cooking. Atm, to cook the 3 usefull foods (Regen, Resistance and Stat) you need to craft, and farm, materials from combined 5 lower crafting tiers, to finally be able to craft what you want at max tier (currently doomfold). With u23, simplify it, so you just need materials from the newest or 2 newest (doomfold and upcoming tier). Its confusing as hell to craft current best food!

- Hope tokens. Add a +6 hope token to all newer crafting tiers, and simplify the mats, 1-2 ingots and 1 gemstone (Anorien, doomfold and upcoming tier for u23). Atm the best hope tokens are made in the Westemnet crafting tier (lvl 95-100).

As a sidenote, since they are lvl 95 items (hope tokens) with your current armour lvl cap, take it and add it to hope tokens, and we wouldnt be able to use it, caus its underlvl...

Featured instance:

- Loot changes: Current boxes given for completing a Featured Instance gives you old, worthless loot, which was usefull at lvl 105, but is completely obsolete. Remove it and keep tokens for the gear, empowerment scrolls, anfalas star lits and Remembrance crystals. Think of Court of Seregost, it is actually a valuable instance to do, because it gives usefull loot.

Legendary Items:

- Titles: Current titles on Legendary Items are again worthless because they havent been scaled with the insane stat increase as of Mordor. A current title which bestowes Crit rating gives you 460 crit rating... When we are speaking normal ranges in 40-70k crit rating, 460 is worthless. It should be scaled properly!

- Pre-stats: Has become somewhat obsolete aswell, since they havent been scaled. their stats are the same atm as they were at lvl 105 and Throne raid, but with the exception that mordor came out and the huge stat increase... Again, they should be scaled properly!
NB: Sidenote - Since i know you will do a LI revamp at some point, keep in mind if one should be able to change the pre-stats on their legendary weapons.

For view here's my maxed legendary items and some worthless prestats and titles. you buffed relics, so buff the rest!

Now, taken into account this was a rune-keepers weapon, think about having to choose between a 2h sword or 1h sword and a shield. The latter will give you waaayy move stats, it should be somewhat balanced!

- Relics: you added new relics that were obtained by bartering in Mordor, previously, it was made at a relic master. I suggest you go back to the Relic master being able to craft new and better relics. Simply add new tiers, with relics that are scaled to u23 content stat requirements. Also, in that case, add better relics for doing 115 content, dont make it drop t6 relics, make it drop t8-t9, and t10 for t2ch stuff.


- Simplify the grind. I spoke with one yesterday, she can barely keep up with gearing after a small break. Make it easier to get decent gear and make sure the best gear ONLY comes from the hardest content - that is t2ch instance etc. The "best gear order" should always be:

t1: 3man, 6man, raid - t2: 3man, 6man, raid - t2ch: 3man, 6man, raid.

Never, ever, should something like Thrang, a seasonal summer instance give the best jewels in the game, it makes no sense. You added an easy short instance, with incredible low drop rate. it should be the other way around, the harder the difficulty, the better the gear, without having to think of droprates, they should always be decent. Its the difficulty that should determine how quickly you can obtain the best gear, not the amount done.


- I must admit i was glad with mordor that you reduced the amount of essence, to a maximum of 2 pr. amrour piece. Keep it that way.

- Make the grind for the best essences less. as of now, you need 40 lasgalen tokens for 1 of the best essences (without mentioning the other materials needed). you get 8 pr day from doing the daily "Restore the three kingdoms" - so if you do that alone, it would take you 5 days for 1 essence... mind you, a character can have 10 essences in armour, 2 from rings, 2 from pocket and 2 from neck = 16 total. which ind the end would with farming the tokens take you 80 days. (starting from scratch). You could add Essences as a reward for doing content, add it to loot like everything else, just like empowerment scrolls.


- Wound, Disease, Poison and Fear potions - until Mordor, these were obtainable at a NPC barter and had been like that since the start of the game (what im aware off). Now you changed it, so scholars should make them = again, more grind, just for the sake of grind. Remove it, and go back to bartering at the NPC!

- Morale/Power potions. They need a scale, or a revamp. Atm, a tank usually has 150k+ morale, some above 200k even. Most dps/support classes somewhere between 60-100k. That makes a potion which restores 2000 morale WORTHLESS! for one with 60k morale, the 2k the potion restores is around 3% of the health, for tanks with 200k its 1%... Here, you can take inspiration from monsterplay, they have %based morale potions, from 13, 15, 18, 21 and 25 % if i recall the numbers correctly.


**Go back to the old trait system!**

Most i know said you destroyed the game when you made the trait changes with Riders Of Rohan. Now, correct the mistake atleast. It would make your class revamps way easier, make pvmp balance way easier, simply just make your life easier while taking less time. A benefit for all.

that being said, you also need to change some other stuff

- Racial traits:

Scale some of the traits, especially those who might affect the stats. As per say, and elf has a 5% bow dmg bonus, increase that, since we currently work at dmg % close to 400 which might even increase more with U23. Elf also has a bonus which grants 109 fate, again, worthless because its not proper scaled.

- Virtues: I know by now u23 will likely double the current stats, so virtues needs to be scaled aswell, or few more lvls unlocked, from like 20 to 25.


Here, im glad you guys mentioned that 1 guy who should work on the 64 client is back on it, its drastically needed, way more than new content. You should prioritise this much more, it would make the game more enjoyable and also make balancing in lets say PvMP easier.


Where to start? Seeing Severlin's talks with druidsfire on the GenCon, your plans to do anything about PvMP comes after u23, then after class changes, then after Minas Morgul and then after some more class changes?! Simply just tell us if you bother at all. Ive heard lots leave the game because you didnt care about pvmp and it continues to loose players as time goes by, so in the end, you might remove PvMP. its a disaster for a MMORPG not to have a least somewhat decent PvMP, and you havent bothered with it last 3 years or more. Yes, you made some very small changes, just to say you did something, its worthless. therefore:

- Dont release content, when there's still old content that has bugs, needs fixes, proper scaling, current needed content that lacks development etc. simply just make sure, that whenever you make an update, everything, as in everything!!!! Both PVE and PVMP is taking into account and proper scaled for whats to come. a year after mordor, doing content on lvl still gives you items which were needed 2 years ago, but has been obsolete for 1year now.

- Freeps: Most i know dont use the proper moors armour. Creeps can buy audacity for commendations, while freeps have to use the ettenmoors armour. the sadly state is tho, that the armour is trash, and raid gear is way better. (raid gear has a current item lvl of 345 and the moors armour has 326) -> no reason to use lesser gear. Either remove audacity from the armour and make it obtainable in another way or, make proper pvmp armour, that is the best for moors (ie maybe downscale pve armour, so pvmp armour will be the best?! with current item lvl for pvp armour, it would also nerf the freeps somewhat) and in earlier levels, there was 3 different pvmp armour sets for each class, with different setbonus, make that again!

- Give the items proper stats! Think about the class, and what it needs. as per say, 3 different armour sets, can give different stats. For example, take a minstrel, which both can heal, and dps. For moors armour, make proper sets for each, so it might use 1 set if it has to heal and another if it has to dps or do dmg.

There is a lot to be done with pvmp in LotrO, but i dont wanna post more as you properly ignore the PvMP section of this post anyways.