Hey, i was download the game in steam and try to uptade it. This uptade stuck in 33%. I tried to turn off my firewall and antyvirus and it doesnt worked.
I found some about no proxy in launcher settings so i do this but it doesnt help me.
People said about unlocked ports i tried to do this in my router panel. (i dont know how to do this) I was used instruction but im not sure i have done it.
So i was uninstall steam lotro and install normal from Lotro.com. Naah still doesnt worked...
I was called to my operator and he said we dont blocked ports for you. They told me "we will reset ur ports and when u back to home try again"

Only lotro doesnt worked.
If i tried to test my ports in webs all the time nvm what port i write programs said "timed out"
Whats going on....

This problem starts when i bought new computer and change my internet to fiber 900mb/s

Some idea to fix it?