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    Future Idea Suggestion: Dwarven Premium Housing in Erebor and/or Iron Hills

    To the Team-

    I'd like to propose Dwarven Premium Housing for the game. While I LOVE that Rohan's on the future-things-to-do list, I'd suggest that Rohan premium housing appear where it works thematically with a game-update- such as exploring the origins of the Rohirrim as the Eotheod at the headwaters of the Anduin not far from Gundabad. I really want to see Rohan premium housing- I'd love a Mead Hall. But, I feel that thematically speaking, the best opportunity to really sell Dwarven premium housing is NOW:

    Reason 1- We're still near Erebor- one of the last central bastions of the Dwarves in Middle-earth. Tolkien never wrote much about "White Mountain Dwarves" nor much about the other Dwarf Houses. But Erebor and the Iron Hills, which I presume are still settled by Dain's folk, are the last true bastions of Durin's Folk in Middle-earth that are still inhabitable. Moria doesn't count since it's abandoned.

    Reason 2- Building off of Reason 1, it would really anchor players in the new landmass that's growing east of the Misties. Right now, Strongholds of the North feels like a disconnected, non-spatial place, because its not yet linked-up with the rest of the world. One of the reasons why Ered Luin works as a place that's only linked to the rest of Eriador via portal is because of the Elf and Dwarf homesteads as well as having multiple hubs. It works, in short, because there's a ton of -living- activity happening there, and it feels far more part of the larger world. Adding Dwarf Premium Housing to the Strongholds landmass would further ground its texture in broader player perceptions of Middle-earth. It would feel far more coherent.

    Reason 3- It'll sell. Oh yes. For players who love Dwarves, who are loving Erebor and its surrounds, who love the concept of Dwarven architecture in general, it will sell. But it'll need some tweaking for players who like smaller, more compact home-spaces also.

    So, with all of that established, here's my ---ideas--- for what each class of house could look like:

    1. "Stately." Imagine that you pass through the door and enter into a low hall with several corridors. These smaller rooms provide the more cozy spaces that some players like. You pass beneath a low arch and emerge into a tall, giant room with pillars and a high ceiling. This will have a "wow" factor to it. In the center of this large space, imagine one of those great "windows" or huge shafts of light falling down on the center. Include some of those embedded Dwarf wall statues- or make them optional decorations (good time to introduce more Dwarf housing items!). In the rear of the hall, I recommend a throne Thorin's-style, to make the stately home also feel lordly. Include plenty of slots in each space. Triple the large wall slots- since players may wish to stack bookshelves, etc., climbing up walls. In short, where there's room, MORE SLOTS please!

    2. "Luxurious." Now, imagine beyond the door is a wider, low hall, and upstairs are smaller, connected chambers. Imagine that beyond these chambers is a great stair leading into a -HUGE- hall- more pillars. An atrium space in the middle beneath the window-shaft of light. Here, think of the garden in Durin's Way in Moria- on a smaller scale. More side-chambers and a "throne hall" will work nicely.

    3. "Kin-hall." Triple in size- bigger than the Luxurious. The central kin "meeting space" should feel like a whole chunk of the Twenty-First Hall. Lots of light-shafts. Several atrium spaces. Stairs leading to bridges. Bridges crossing part of the central Hall. Tall stone seats embedded in the walls. Throne for kin-leader. Really deck it out with slots. Make it make the Thorin's kin-hall pale in comparison. Think "mini-Erebor" in this- with some design inspiration from parts of Moria. Some smaller adjacent rooms- some larger. Include larger Moria-style crystals as optional decorations in all three house-types.

    In short- it should be new designs, if these ideas are implemented in some way, not copies of the Gondorian interior's. It should really speak to Dwarven grandeur and majesty while also including some good measure of space for homeliness and coziness and a nice small space for a hearth, etc. It should accommodate both tastes. Whether they appear in the Iron Hills or Erebor, I have no particular preference, as it depends on where there's room for it. But it would be cool to have such options out there nonetheless

    In the end, now I feel's the best time for this -thematically-, because we're now in living-Dwarf-central, in the heart of their civilization beyond Moria. Please consider these ideas
    Phantion no longer has a character named Phantion in-game. He transferred to Landroval.


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    As a person that loves dwarves I really like this suggestion and there could be no better timing for this.

    Sadly somehow I doubt that SSG has the required ressources for something like this right now even if it could give them some extra income.

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    ^ What he said!

    I love your very well thought out ideas. Dwarvish living definitely needs more love & attention.



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