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    Just looking to RP

    As the title states. I'm just looking for people to RP with. Doesn't necessarily have to be a kinship, although if you're apart of an active one, let me know. I've been tooling around Larelin since I started playing the game a few weeks ago, and haven't had much luck. The few people I've met just aren't online at the time when I'm online.
    I'm in the US PST (Pacific Standard Time.) If you're interested please let me know. My main is a Man named Wilcroft. I also have a high elf as well that I'd like to RP.

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    I believe I've seen you around Bree. You'd be welcome to join the Laurelin RP Discord server (link is in my signature). We'd love to have you
    Owner - Laurelin RP Group Discord server - https://discord.me/laurelinrp

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    Aug 2015
    Greeley, Colorado

    Exclamation Elvellyn RP Kinship Recruiting RPers.

    I wish to help by leaving this notice here, in case you or anyone else are still searching for a role-playing kinship. Happy adventuring in Middle-earth!

    • Elvellyn is a small but simple kinship that's sociable, friendly, kind-hearted, and mature
    • Focuses on role-playing and questing, although there are deed runs, crafting, and little PVP
    • Rank 10 kinship.
    • Landroval server
    • Primarily an elven kinship, but we welcome with open arms other races

    How to join Elvellyn:
    • Apply on our kinship site http://elvellyn.gamerlaunch.com/
    • Join our Discord voice channel, which can be found on our kinship website
    • Send in-game mail to Valkris or Edorenel (or both) to be invited. (Keep in mind we have lives & adulting, so please be mindful and patient)
    "Gil síla erin lû e-govaned vîn. Guren bêd enni, "Mas bedithach? Man gonoded eraid derithach, hir nin? Nae! Aníron peded: na-chaered palan-díriel, gerich veleth nín. Nidhin mened. Am man harthach? Nef aear, na-den pedem ad, navaer..."
    My writing website: Edorenel



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