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Thread: Moria crossover

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    Question Moria crossover

    So I have a level 52 captain on my alt account who I jumped to 50... which unlocked Moria. I also have a level 52 burglar, and i was wondering if the burglar could get to Moria as well, even if he does not complete the current epic quest line. (i believe he is in angmar.)
    I finished angmar with my captain and I do not wish to go through it again with my burglar, especially since my friends I used to play with are no longer active.

    If you have a solution, that would be great. Thanks!

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    To unlock access to Moria in the conventional way, start the epic Volume 2 Book 1 quests. This is a level 50 quest line but it can be started at level 45.

    Go to the Echad Dunann camp in Eregion (Eregion is south of Rivendell). At Echad Dunann look for a dwarf standing next to a large stone arch that has the glowy instance effect in it. He starts the quest line that will give you your starting legendary weapon and the end of that quest line unlocks access to Moria. Some of the quests are inside a shared instance (the glowy arch) and some of the quests are in the Eregion landscape.

    You do NOT need to finish the other epic quests that come before Vol 2 Book 1. You can start Vol 2 Book 1 any time you want, as long as you meet the level requirement (level 45 or higher).

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    I would highly recommend starting Moria and getting your first legendaries before delving seriously into Angmar (if you plan on doing that). Many Angmar mobs are lvl 51+ and can yield IXP, IXP runes, and even lower level legendaries

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    thanks, guys!
    appreciate it.



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