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    Are there any regular PUG runs of raids (Throne, Abyss)?

    Last time I was active, our server had some standing PUG raid times (I think Mikey set them up? Not sure if he's still playing or not). Do we still have anything like that?

    I posted in general about how to get imbued legacy replacement scrolls, and apparently Throne is it. I haven't even ever done the raid, heh. I'd like to see it, as well as Abyss though. Wasn't sure what kind of activity we had going on with Landy lately!

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    I ran Throne a couple of times back in the summer, and I did have Mikey in my group lol. But unfortunately Throne is a very long and tough raid, one time it took us almost 3 hours to complete the full run on T1. But because its time consuming, its very hard to put together a group, which is why you almost never see people running Throne. AoM is also a very tough raid, and you need to have good gear to run it. Sometimes I do see people trying to put together an AoM group on the world chat, so just keep an eye on the world chat or try asking to see if anyone is running it. If you need to run Throne, I will gladly join you, my toon's name is Racwen.



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