Hello mates!

I've been roleplaying for a couple of decades now and all of my fondest memories were on LotRO for many years. While I was on the Landroval server previously, it seems like the roleplay over there had kind of dried up some many years ago. So I found that Laurelin was the go-to place and I'm looking for a community/guild/game that provides consistent nightly roleplay that I can really sink my teeth into and write some compelling stories with others and grow characters.

But of course this also means starting fresh on another server in a very old game. So far I've popped in on the Pony to see if there was roleplay there like how things used to be in the long long ago on Landroval and to my disappointment found it empty each night.

So, coming here to poke about is my next idea! Is it worth digging back into the roleplay here? Is there a strong community? Is there consistent daily roleplay to be had within it? Or, like other communities I've poked my head into, does everything basically run on an event schedule where nobody does anything other than those days?

Any help I can get in enlightening me would be most helpful! Thank you