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    HE Animations help

    Hi everyone....came back to game recently and unlocked the HE race and was wondering...I am about to make a champion and is the animations on the champ different for HE compared to man? Sword swings and just all around animations. I don't have time to experiment with different classes to see for myself because I can barely get playing time in as it is. I made a HE Runekeeper that I am enjoying alot but wanted to know from a melee perspective.

    In your all opinions what classes for HE have the best animations overall?

    Thank you for any insight !

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    Here's a list I made before that show all abilities that high elves use unique animations on. None of them get too many unfortunately, but the ones there are nice. Personally I think Guardian and Captain have the best ones for melee, and their abilities with unique animations are frequently used so you'll notice them more. It should be noted that some animations only trigger with 1H weapons + shield though for both classes, where as 2H gets normal ones for whatever reason.

    1. Captain - Devastating blow, blade of Elendil, inspire

    2. Guardian - Sting, shield swipe, vexing blow

    3.Champion -Blade wall, bracing attack

    4. Warden - -Javelin throwing abilities -Gambits: 2/2, 2/1, 2/1/2/1/2

    5. Minstrel/LM - Both only get 1 for their first melee abilities

    6. Rune Keeper - I personally didn't notice any new animations, but maybe somebody who is more familiar did?

    7. Hunter - Any skill that uses focus, low cut

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan_The_Useless View Post
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    Cordovan The Useless (Paid for doing nothing - Thanks SSG)

    You are just a little troll. You have no solutions, you just come on here to bash the game in general and Cordovan in particular; do you think he's the only one working at SSG? If the game isn't going the way you think it should, he's not the only one doing it. And obviously, the stuff they are placing in the store is bringing in revenue or they wouldn't keep working on it. You claim Cordovan (and by extension, SSG) is useless, but you can't articulate what you think should be done about it in a grown up and intelligent manner. If you don't like Lotro, then either go away or produce some intelligent dialogue about how to make it better.

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    Wow thanks Kaeneth, this is exactly what I needed, tyvm!



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