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    Belfalas - Tol Falthui - Premium Kinship House on Island. Bought. Impression as follows

    I spent almost 900 Mithril Coins yesterday getting this "mansion" and while the concept is nice, I like to be a bit isolated, having an entire Island for basically myself is nice and it also gives you a huge amount of interior and exterior hooks for stuff.

    However, at the risk of repeating myself and others:

    - The floor plan is just stupid. Both for the first floor and the mezzanine at the end of the house. All Gondorians building we are able to enter so far, not just in Minas Tirith, have a different, more centralized base layout, entrance, hallways, huge rooms, CENTERED courtyards, etc... this is for some reason built as a double entrance, double hallway, no central room layout. Which is not very funneh. There is not even an obvious place for a central fireplace, central chandelier, and no central courtyard. Having said that I guess I can make it work, but a revamp is needed. I have seen drawings suggesting other plans, that were better. I can, spontaneously, suggest one plan that could be an inspiration, The Swan Knights Keep in Dol Amroth.

    - The roof is, nice. Stars and all. Ok, someone went total berserk Eldar over the place. Cute. But having a starry blue (yeah, starry blue, not starry black or midnight blue, but clear blue !? ) roof makes you have to consider the colours you use for walls (NOT GREEN) to match, at least a bit. Since I take a Rohan approach on this house I can't use green coloured wooden planks against a blue roof. You don't mix green and blue that much. I used gold for the walls and it looks ok, first attempt, will be revised.

    - The outdoor areas where you have the hooks are just football fields. Big flat empty space. Most go "wow I can put all my statues of Celebrimbor and Dragons there" and don't give it a second thought. It is EMPTY space. Big flat squarish empty space. And then you start throwing out decorations on it making it look like a big flat exposition hall with random decorations. How about more levels, more off areas, more secluded areas, a few rocks separating smaller spots from each other? I will again give you some inspiration, Galadriel's Garden in Cerin Amroth or even a layout such as the Orchard Eryn Cordovath north west of Crithost.

    - I do not want a stage. RID ME OF THE STAGE. It's my land. Make it optional.

    - Now that I have spent this amount of cash for this, I strongly suggest you guys have some kind of barter/exchange possibility once the Rohan Premium housing becomes available, somehow I doubt there will be Island Houses, but who knows what will show up.

    Peace out...
    The Elruthrim Brethren of Crickhollow
    Malancil CHN, Historian Calchiar CPT, Explorer Sturmdrang WDN, Woodsman Anancite GRD, Armourer Tarostel HNT, Armsman Angredeth HNT, Tinker Dromarong GRD, Dwarf

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    Couldn't agree more. I also have Tol Falthui, which has some very cool features... But i can not believe people are happy to pay real money for it.

    Agreed, the yards are too flat and narrow. Agreed, the interor layout is awkward. Yeah the mandatory sky blue ceilings are restrictive. Don't mind the theater.

    The real travesty is that the island is huge but has no hooks. The vast majority of the space can not be decorated.Why on earth not? We paid a ton of real money for this virtual land... Let us use it how we see fit! Plus outdoor hooks on private islands should be moveable like indoor hooks. Plus there should be no different size hook types; anything should slot anywhere.

    (How do we still even have hooks in mmos? Why did anybody ever think they were a good idea? I remember somebody showing me how guild house decorating worked in Asheron's Call and at first i didn't understand what they meant by hooks and when i did i said 'that's terrible' and went and played Galaxies instead.)

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    It's our house. We should be able to decorate it as we see fit. And that each house should have individual storage. Plus the cooldown times on teleports should be shortened to 1 minute maximum.



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