This was posted by Tearmaker on one of the lists. I found this hysterical, but true!

These threads make me smile in a wistful daydream of nostalgic reverie for the days long gone.......

Then I'm pulled straight back into the here and now with a boom so loud, my ears are momentarily deafened to the belly laugh emanating deep within.

Now, firmly under control I kind of envisage the pvp department of Turbine/SSG as that place in most offices.
There is a door that few have seen beyond. A little corner in the basement that will forever be labelled "that place". File clerks rush past when digging up some wanted ledgers and whisper about the noises they hear from beyond its gloomy exterior.

If you plucked up the courage and ignored the warnings and the evidence of previous police tape, you could enter that lair and the air would be stale with the odour of previous bearded incumbent and their pile of pizza boxes littering the front edge of the centre table. A greenish hew is visible from the sole screen left alive and as you approach it has a single phrase burned across the centre of the huge CRT....

"Rowans torture chamber - monster play center of operations" - a single curled post it note stuck to the yellowed plastic of the screen... reads -

" Remember, balance is a state of mind. Believe you have it and they will believe you have given it to them.
If all else fails, drag out the big guns and post the following using our emergency covert accounts:
1: This game is a pve game and pvp is a side game
2: If you extend pvp I will quit playing
3: the Lore won't allow...x, y, z
4: creeps are supposed to be weaker

If that fails then you need to consult my "can't be @rsed book of lazy development programming"

Then close this department down and pretend it never was "