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    Tips for the Solo Guard

    A few questions regarding the Solo Guard.

    1) What are the primary sources of self-healing? Or how do I heal myself?

    2) For solo I assume using the Red Trait tree is best. But is it generally recommended to use a two-handed weapon? Or are the shield skills potent and make
    the sword and board style and its improved defenses preferable?

    Note: I have a level 60 guard however he has always played in a family fellowship with a healing mini, mostly in blue. So I started a new guardian to solo level
    and trying to learning how to best play solo.

    And I am reading through the guide by Zonflux here on the forum.

    Thanks in advance

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    1.)Catch abreath, warrior heart and everything you take out of the trees.
    2.) Shield gives you more defense but it's not necessary.

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    I've played most-solo since around late 2008 (when my then-roomie stopped playing), and my Guardian is my main.

    At level cap, Blue line (+some Yellow) w/shield is really, really good. But until you get there, you may do best switching bewteen Red Line + 2H, and Blue + Shield.

    When you're unsure about how well you'll do in new territory, use the shield ... if it works out, switch to 2H (+Red) for better DPS. (Really, do -- Guard DPS is low compared to other classes)(and that's fine, our primary role is tanking, not DPSing).

    Self-healing: Warrior's Heart & Catch A Breath mainly, but also Bolstering Blocks (30 ranks in Blue tree), Thrill of Battle (early Red), and/or Bring on the Pain (mid Yellow).
    Potions: Athelas and Rejuvenation are 'meh' the higher level you get -- while 900-1000 at L60 (6k Morale?) is good, ~3000 at L115 when you'll have 90k+ Morale [solo] is garbage.
    Other Morale consumables: Hope tokens and +Vitality trail food give you more Morale, and cooked food helps your regen rates in and out of combat.
    Virtues: Don't ignore these -- if you have Loyalty, Fidelity, Honor, Zeal, and Valour slotted, you'll have a larger Morale pool.

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    1) As mentioned before, Catch a Breath and Warrior's Heart. CAB becomes really good with the CAB cooldown/morale heal belt legacy.
    I wouldn't recommend Thrill of Battle - small heal, 20s cooldown, passively triggered by a crit. Waste of skill points.
    Honourable Combat is a bit better, but still meh. Only costs one skill point though.
    I'm running a build with mainly red, a bit of yellow (War Chant ftw!) and a bit of blue (for Guardian's Pledge). Pledge can be used instead of a heal if you accidentally pull too many mobs. (I have the Guardian's Pledge Magnitude legacy on my belt, which makes it quite potent even in red line.)

    2) In solo play, I use red line with a bit of yellow and blue (see above). Also a 2h weapon for maximum damage. Red guard dps has become quite high after the last patch, especially single target. Bleeds are quite strong, their damage is based on weapon dps --> another reason for 2h weapon. But keep sword & board ready for that "ooops to many mobs" moment, because you aren't very durable with a 2h weapon.

    About virtues: Those that give tactical mitigations are good too when you face mobs that deal tact damage. Less incoming damage means less heal needed.



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