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    Ardaranyë Envinyanta Remastered Vanyalanthirel Vanimelda The Radiant Star Queen of Calacyira

    The Thread work in progress: TBA.

    In order to avoid Spam,I decided to create my own Mega Thread,Fear not I will not post more than twice,weekly. You have my word.

    {Fast reply It will be polished,updated and corrected in the following days}

    The personal anthology and collection of my Passionate Writings,Art,Images and very best of YT Videos. As forum Section clearly states: Post your best creative endeavours inspired by LOTRO. Writings, art work, screenshots, recipes, videos and other creations! I must be fair and confess: I am a terribly horrible artist, but I am flawless at least in noticing all the minor tiny flaws and precious details and I know how to take absolutely masterful screenshot If I truly desire!! xD

    You might want to check the other Thread I've fashioned as well ~ "Vanyaquenta Calaquende"

    Vanda sina termaruva elennanóreo alcar enyalien! Enyalie Veleriande!

    Volume I: The Fighter of Shadow Line Comprehensive guide{Video} Plus a little extra.

    Hej! Free peoples of Middle-Earth!

    Thanks kindly in advance for will to read my post.

    Instance: Tier III Skirmish. 12 Man Tier III Skirmish Difficulty The Potency and The Fighter of Shadow line. Guardian. High Elf Female. Radiant Star Queen of Calacyria,Vanyalanthiriel,Vani melda.

    High Queen of the Noldor vs Evil within Northern lands. You can see precisely the build I use/Skill rotation,Gear and so on.. I suggest you watch if you have spare time or perhaps New to Guardian class.

    FA video to show the potency of the Yellow Line. The Fighter of Shadow is my favoured line. The morale can eventually rise up over 165,000,But I do lack absolutely Top Notch gear or every single Northern Stronghold essence.

    Do not give up even with surrounded by overwhelming odds or taken by surprise. The fights are often won by power of the will ,not skill. Surely tis obvious one will need proper gear and have knowledge of his/her class, but ultimately it is a mental game. The ability to remain focused ,sharp and self assured and most importantly keep going under pressure and when faced with inevitable failure. The true strength is when you lose everything,When you get torn to shreds countless of times and still keep coming back under fire. For example if you wipe during raid clash or any boss fight. Do not rage quit. Do not allow them to demoralise you, Same goes for real life.

    I also wish to say a few words about The Fighter of Shadow{Yellow Line} Stance of the Guardian class. It is highly under-valued and underestimated line in both PvE&PvMP aspects. I've witnessed the tales of the Guardians who tend to favour Keen's blade {Red Line} or Defender of the Free People {Blue} for either Pure Raw DPS or Perfect tanking which is of course in certain extent logical and correct way in particular scenarios, It would be expected to switch to Blue in order to tank Abyss bosses or destroy certain Monster class within Ettenmoors,but the true power and versatility comes when you combine best of

    Take for instance: I'll give thee an example from the Silmarillion: Why do you think Melkor was the most powerful of Ainur and second most powerful being in the existence ? He possessed the fraction of power of each Valar. This is what distinguishes it from the rest. Power and greatness are such a difficult words, There should a longer topic for these themes,nevertheless The Yellow line will not fail you and was proven to be incredibly effective for me sincerely in almost every situation. I was surviving insane encounters in the past in lesser more weakened state while dispatching,Disheartening and demoralising the entire Armies of Angmar. The Keen's blade raw power surely is directly the strongest and bleeds are very formidable ,but it does not offer survival potential or Blue&Yellow line.

    As for Blue line ,by far the most durable line. I would name my High Queen "FortressofBeleriand" to set the surname, but the DPS in general is very inefficient almost non existent. One feels tempted to switch to either full DPS or pure tanking. The Fighter of Shadow in the long run. The line is more patient players and it is more complex as well.

    We must understand first that it is almost impossible to compare the different stances of different classes. They have their strengths and weaknesses ,but I would say that Guardain's Yellow line might be the closest line to "perfection" one can experience is observed from every single factor and if everything into account. I am not saying it is, I am giving you my sincere opinion. Use those powers in a creative pursuit. Learn,improvise,do not be afraid to attempt something different and unique. If you build is unsual ,it does not mean tis terrible or ineffective, Tables will turn

    The Keen's Blade : Visualise a boxer on steroids with incredible raw power, but ultimately rapidly diminished, exhausted and burned out. He /she lacks defensive capabilities. Blue line: Durability level: "Silmaril" A true tank mode. You can soak up tremendous amount of damage ,but thou art powerless in harming your opponent. Fighter of Shadow is a genius stance. The Power to Demolish any foe,withstand terror&Onslaught,Potent AoE Bursts,debuff,reflect damage,Absord incoming damage with excellent Block/Parry/Evade % plus add an additional permanent slow impair or decrease in attack duration while laughing in the face of countless Drakes,Regyml,Giant spiders,Uruks and rest of the Ancient nameless horrors. Short CD's and 19 Seconds Sprint is more than enough if timed well.

    Power in this case is defined as power of versatility and ability to sap the will and physical strength of your foe ,slowly ,but very explicitly with finesse,style and great effect. The Red&Blue line can give thee incredible power in a short time,if you wish the Nearly Perfected balance to conquer the Darkness of Arda ~ The Fighter of Shadow is an honest suggestion

    Have a great evening

    She did the impossible, by Orome,Vana and High Lords of Arda! Vanyalanthriel vs Rage of Morgoth,Will-breaker&Courage breaker and multiple Elite master ranged foes, all in once.

    Tier III ~ 12 Man Skrimish Difficulty No Shield/No Herbalist. Solo.

    Vanyalanthirel An "Army-group North".

    The most impressive Guardian Take down of all time.

    The Radiant Star Queen of Calacyira ~ The Flame Imperishable.

    She did the impossible, by Orome,Vana and High Lords of Arda! Vanyalanthriel vs Rage of Morgoth,Will-breaker&Courage breaker and multiple Elite master ranged foes, all in once!!!

    Do ask if you wish to know particular details. For example: Location or various notable points/details/Gear/The Correct Trait Tree line setup. You can bump up Resolution to HD {720P} Quality as well. In the lower right corner of the video Under: Settings ~ Quality. I am able to provide any screenshot of my Primary weapon/Belt

    May the Leaves of your life never turn brown,Until next time,

    A little extra never hurts:

    ~ About me: If you are intrigued to know more about person behind the character , please private message. We shall discuss in private indeed. I have been playing Lord of the Rings Online Since Summer of 2007 relentlessly,passionately and with great burning passion which burns equally and if not more potent than even Curufinwe. Tis the fire within me which kept me on going and indeed I always kept coming back despite particular downs,barriers,obstacles and inevitable losses. I was introduced to the imaginary world of Arda at Age of 14. My Parents bought me the Fellowship of the Ring Book and the magic officially started!! I have had a privilege and a great joy to grab my hands on The Silmarillion very early at Age 16{2006}

    ~ 650 +Videos
    ~ 20,000 Images+
    ~ Approximately 25,000+ hours invested at least across every character since the day One. The Secrets few one know and remember one. I am "servant of the Secret fire" Let us say: Rather Keeper of the Old tales and forgotten stories, untold,beyond comprehension!

    ~ You can speak with me with anything: Be that the following:

    History of Lord of the Rings Online,History of Arda {The official Lore} and even alternative scenarios. I have been reading and participating in very complex and long Quora conversations which are indeed extraordinarily genuine and Undoubtedly the most comprehensive source in regards of any subject related to Tolkien's Legendarium, written in such coherent ,creative and intelligent manner. Some of the posts are truly mind bending. ~

    ~Play through Epic books,Skrimishes,Big Battles,Classic instances,Level or wander simply though Middle-Earth,Enjoy parties,events,festivals or sit in random tavern and randomly chat if you feel a need. I have a lot of free time thus as result I am able to give my best and invest a lot. I shall aid new players in Dire need. Send tell and we shall Eradicate fiends of Angmar and Conquer the Darkness of Arda. May your path ever be Star-Lit.

    ~ Private message in game,forums or You-Tube if you wish a personal lecture for free. You can ask me anything about Lord of the Rings online in general , in particular of Guardian class since the thread is about High Elf Guardian primarily. I will personally show thee how to deal with any issue in face of overwhelming odds and terrors of old with an absolute mastery of all forms of Combat and unparalleled efficiency.

    ~ Send tell/E-Mail to "Redael" {Guardian} in game. Arkenstone {US} if you are in need of help with instances or simply wanting to make a new friend! Tis not wise to wonder across the Arda alone! We are planing to run through the older Classic instance {Scaled} content and progress though Tier III Skrimishes/Big Battles,certain events. We are planing to help new players and do Tier IIc 3 Random runs and perhaps Tier II 6 man as well before the update and level 120 cap.

    ~ Heavy Role Play is acceptable as well/Intriguing Lore conversation about anything related to to vast and extraordinarily complex Secondary world of Arda {Tolkien's Legendarium} in essence.

    ~ If you do have a High Elf character seeking Casual/Lore oriented Semi RP Calaquende Kinship look no further than "The Quenta Noldorinwa" on Arkenstone {US}

    {Kinship advertisement} ~ Vedui,Mellyn. The Quenta Noldorinwa ~ Proper name (History of the Noldor) A Calaquendi(High Elf) only Casual Kinship (18+) Please,Private message "Vanyalanthiriell" for additional information. Role-players are welcome as well. Fare thee well my kindred the firstborn, May thy radiance never cease to shine. Deluxe Premium Kinship house included.

    ~ Optional. The Lore channel ~ ./joinchannel Legendarium (The Ultimate Lore of Eä disucssion or Role-Playing) Tolkien's legendarium is the term for the entirety of J. R. R. Tolkien's mythopoetic writing. Diola lle.

    ~ Primary character and it shall always be: High Elf Female Guardian. Level 115. "Vanyalanthriel",Vanimelda ,The Flame Imperishable. {Arkenstone US} You will almost always find me logged on Guardian class from now on. I decided to fully focus on PvE once again. Always happy to help and aid one in dire need. A passionate soul with great a interest and intense love for story content,lore and Arda in essence.

    ~ My Official You-Tube channel ~ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKX..._as=subscriber Fëanáro Curufinwë, Follow/Share or Subscribe or simply peer and watch the videos if you wish.

    Vanya Sulie!

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    Vanyalanthiriel Vanimelda ~ The Radiant Star Queen of Calacyira ~The Flame Imperishable Greatest of all time for Ages&Arda beyond.
    The Ascended Mastery.Beyond comprehension Tier level of Greatness ~ Super Genius.

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    Êl síla erin lû e-govaned vîn! The Volume II ~ A Random Assortment.

    The Secondary World:

    Majority of people will not express their full sincere opinions and deep feelings they have for anything,not only a game in fear of being declared "odd" or even worst. A true love and dedication cannot be faked. It is unbeatable and unquestionable and no amount of hate,anger,envy will be able to smite it. One has to give everything, I've personally invested untold amount of energy and will to gaming in general which was my main hobby since Age of Five. I did took a lot of risks,burned LP, played through countless instances and explored world infinitely "After so much time you "become one with THE Arda" An example: I would log in on occasion and melt few hours on taking screenshots and learning about history of certain lore or trying to Perfect skill rotation or match the Flawless outfit for my Luminous Ladies.The obsession and certain dose of insanity has to play the role. You get into world ,story and character in the point of envisioning and creating your own world in already virtual world and knowing everything in every single detail to Near Perfection as Near Perfect Sapphire of Nurz Ghashu. Tis what happens when you commit yourself fully with heart and mind and you strive for constant perfection never giving up in the process. Indeed! One will not be able to comprehend the joy of RP or such a mindset, There is no other way, It is absolutely inevitable and one must wholly embrace the flames which shall follow for haters,envious souls or evil fiends with destructive tendencies. Take for instance: The man we owe everything, J.R.R. Tolkien. He was a Genius,Super Genius and he developed his world to extraordinary vastness which is incomprehensible to even most of the veterans and Scholars.He was certainly a bit bizarre , locked in his own room in his world with his own thoughts, twas not a "little" world, it is unlimited one beyond Edain Comprehension and his passion was as well wondrous, He had to it, He possessed incredibly powerful visualising mind! And thanks to his "insanity" utter devotion and deep love we have the priceless Secondary world of Arda and ultimately The Lord of the Rings Online. He was that type of person as I am. I do live in my own world as well, I care not what others shall think at all, nor he did. He went forward and forward after surviving the horrors of The Great War ,illness and death and death became primary subject in his stories or Race such are ~ The Elves, do you know why are Elves deathless? He wanted to create a race without suffering illness and death in the essence. It all shifts back inescapably to World War I. The Elves were "Perfected men" before the downfall, the beings men should have been physically,mentally and spiritually ,beings of greater power, the powers men shall never posses. My passion truly is infinite and no matters what happens I shall always be forever grateful for Tolkien,his son who deserves far more credit ,without doubt!

    Vanyalanthiriel,Vanimelda,Radi ant Star Queen of Calacyira

    Twas the fragment only. I felt a need to tell thee what I "Feel" Well ,Mellyn Nin, Thanks kindly for thy time! A few videos for today and an Album. I Shall provide the links:

    ~ Ardaranyë Envinyanta The Scenery of Middle-Earth. ~ https://imgur.com/a/7Vl8Dvk

    Masterful Videos:

    Tis about Instances.

    ~ The First video is about Vanyalanthriel Vanimelda,High Queen of the Noldor taking down four trolls at once alone Tier I "The Quays of the Harlond" , The Pellenor instance which was Intense to be fair.


    ~ The second video is about Brave fellow {Tanks only} 2 Wardens and 1 Guardian {Me} Dispatching the Champions of Dol-Guldur. Tier II Instance. 3 Tanks. "Fortress mode" Fortress because of the Tank classes exclusively.


    ~ The Third video is about Noldo taking small army of the Uruks&Uruks. Solely by herself within The Fornost Fire Wing Chapter III The Impossible Pull by Noldorin Queen of Valimar.


    The "Luminous" Screenshots ~

    Impossibly Nostalgic today! I will attempt to find very first moments I captured and screenshots of the High Queen{Guardian} I will be posting specifically Guardian photos. Twas a catalyst to great legendary stories which unfolded ~ Fragments of now seemingly Elder Days. Even back when I've predicted the future. I knew her destiny. "The best way to predict your future is to create it" I felt it. I always wanted to play as Noldorin Edhel ,particular female because I find them Aesthetically pleasing and extraordinarily Gorgeous. Especially when I compare Calaquende to Male Nagurim,Edain or the Halflings. The Difference is cosmic. Quite on the contrary it is far more than pure physical attributes and Appearance in general. Nay, far from it. The subject is complex and would require a mini comprehensive novel. Back to roots of The First age of Middle-Earth and Elves of Light In Game -Lore/Rich History,my personal preferences ,goals and desires. The Game and the Official lore are now in some sort intertwined for me personally. As I've stated above the Eldar, Elves of light in particular are the perfected men,They are well, Let us not use use any words which shall offend other players playing different classes,Sincerely speaking ,Tis truth. It gives me the incomparable sense of satisfaction to play as Radiant Star Queen of Calacyria knowing precisely they are indeed the greatest of all time and superior in every aspects one can visualise.Keep in mind that ultimate goal of the Elves is art, not power. Elves suffer no Illness, they are incorruptible,utterly loyal and devoted. Their wisdom is peerless and your Elven Madien shall never cheat on thee! Be certain of that, Randir! But I should stop and leave the specific theme for another Volume. I only want to mention Vanyalanthiriel was born near the Calacirya {The Cleft of Light }Tis the pass within the Pelori Mountains {Valinor} The majesty,beauty and radiance are almost unmatched thus she is Called the Radiant Star Queen of Calacyira. She also has a deep profound love for Stars. Vanyalanthiriel ventured to Beleriand later on in pursuit of the great enemy inflamed by masterful speech of Curufinwë Fëanáro. Vanyalanthiriel does have the title "Of Beleriand" which does not mean she was born within now sorrowfully the lost,sunken,destroyed region of the Elder Days.

    ~ The first steps, Rising up, The path to Heaven. Twas my first screenshot of Radiant Queen. {Excluding the title screen} Please keep in mind on can use Random Cosmetic outfit after the completion of the Prologue.

    ~ Goblin Fiends eradicated. Level nine.

    ~ The road to Duillond.

    ~ The Wondrous View.

    ~ Ai! Worry not, Bones of Adamant Durability level: "Silmaril"

    ~ The Piercing blow! Captured flawlessly!

    Thanks kindly for reading though my passionate posts,observing images and watching the videos, Until we meet again!

    Vanya Sulie!
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    Vanyalanthiriel Vanimelda ~ The Radiant Star Queen of Calacyira ~The Flame Imperishable Greatest of all time for Ages&Arda beyond.
    The Ascended Mastery.Beyond comprehension Tier level of Greatness ~ Super Genius.

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    Mae g'ovannen Mellyn! (: Le nathlam hí!
    "Ardaranyë Envinyanta Remastered Vanyalanthirel Vanimelda The Radiant Star Queen of Calacyira :Volume III The Demonstration of the Guardian's Power and Potency level. The latest video Compilation Part I! The essential links presented below:

    The "Impossible" Pull list of the videos. Please,do not be offended or puzzled by the word Impossible. Twas possible! A rather metaphorical and symbolic saying to succeed in the face of the true terror,immense pressure and overwhelming enemy forces. Face insurmountable odds and an overwhelming enemy force. This is what legends are made of.

    1)The Great Barrow Maze the Impossible Pull Part III by Noldorin Queen ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GspfPxpvjlc&t=227s

    2)The Fornost Fire Wing Chapter III The Impossible Pull by Noldorin Queen ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfZnsds_xyg&t=2s

    3)The Drake Wing Raid on Level the Impossible Pull Part IV by Noldorin Radiant Queen~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPMTIk8MT-8&t=12s

    4)The Helegrod Spider Wing the Impossible Pull Part VI by High Queen of the Noldor Apologies for lacking the sound. I had to Mute the entire video due to "copy-right" notices I suggest to listen to your favoured soundtrack or particular song while marvelling the Masterful take down ~
    I've also did a Test with the Fighter of Shadow {Yellow Guardian line within Old Fortress of Fornost. A rather short video to be honest. Fire Wing 6 man Instance Pull, About 14-16 Elites&Elite Masters. The amount of Blocks/Parries&Evades were truly insane! A player told me the Yellow line has "low Survivability" which is absolutely incorrect. One can do very impressive pulls and demolish a small army in the process. You may set the video Quality to HD ~ {720p} as well.

    5) ~The Fornost Fire Wing Chapter II The Impossible Pull Part I by Noldorin Queen ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8eIOhEv2ho&t=1s

    Vanyalanthiriel Vanimelda The Radiant Star Queen of Calacirya ~ The Official Noldorin Queen playlist. 65 videos so far. May 15th -August 3rd 2018. Fashioned with Ultimate Burning Passion https://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...pOKR7WT9SPszGQ It all started within the Land of Fire and Shadow. A PvE&PvMP Visual presentation.

    The video List so far:
    by Fëanáro Curufinwë {Me}

    A Detailed Analysis:

    Content covered:

    ~ The Land of Fire and Shadow{Mordor}
    ~ The Ettenmoors ~ Masterful Duels and Battle-field domination.
    ~ The Various instances {Raids,Skrimishes}
    ~ The Landscape content progression,tests, Build {Trait Tree Line setup}
    ~ The Housing ~ The Fortress of Harmenos.
    ~ The Role-Playing Naeren&Vanyalanthirel The Radiance amidst the Gloom.

    1. The Aria of Valar boosted Guardian Test within the Land of Fire and Shadow Part I

    2. The Aria of Valar boosted Guardian Test within the Land of Fire and Shadow Part II

    3. The Dungeons of Naerband by Vanyalanthiriel Nolofinwiel

    4. The Fighter of Shadow by Vanyalanthiriel Nolofinwiel of Arkenstone

    5. Vanyalanthiriel Nolofinwiel Fighter of Shadow one Calaqende Army Part One

    6. Vanyalanthiriel Nolofinwiel Fighter of Shadow one Calaqende Army Part Two

    7. Enyalien Veleriande Vanyalanthiriel High Queen of the Noldor One vs All

    8. Vanyalanthiriel the Unyielding

    9. Naeren&Vanyalanthirel The Radiance amidst the Gloom Role Play Part I

    10. Naeren&Vanyalanthirel The Radiance amidst the Gloom Role Play Part II

    11. Vanyalanthiriel Nolofinwiel The Fighter of Shadow PVMP Demonstration

    12. Vanyalanthiriel King's Justice

    13. Victory in Death

    14. Vanyalanthiriel Testosterone the Mighty thou art Unworthy

    15. Vanyalanalathiriel Testosterone Calaquende Female Nolofinwiel Tur Orchalliel

    16. The High Queen challenges the doom!

    17. The High Queen challenges the doom II!

    18. Vanyalanthiriel Nolofinwiel the Valiant One Calaquendi Army

    19. Vanyalanthiriel the Impenetrable

    20. Vanyalanthiriel Vanimelda The Impenetrable Barrier

    21. Time stands still at the Iron Hill

    22. The Bells of Dale Guardian Tank Third age PvMP gear

    23. The Bones of Smaug Part I

    24, The Bones of Smaug Part II

    25, Vanyalanthirel The Radiant Star Queen of Calacirya

    26, The Warg Pens Fighter of Shadow Solo Showcase

    27.Webs of the Scuttledells Guardian Demonstration

    28. The Victorious Guardian of the Sword Halls

    29. The Fighter of Shadow

    30. Sari Surma Tier II Challenge with Vanyalanthiriel High Queen of the Noldor Boss I

    31. Sari Surma Tier II Challenge with Vanyalanthiriel High Queen of the Noldor Boss II

    32. Sari Surma Tier II Challenge with Vanyalanthiriel High Queen of the Noldor Boss III

    33. High Queen of the Noldor vs Tyrant of Angmar

    34. The Battle under Stars

    35. The Fighter of Shadow The Wraith of Shadow Tier II Challenge

    36. Vanyalanthiriel vs Multi Uruks of Iron Home

    37. Facing your fear!

    38. The Oppressors of Stoneheight Part I

    39. Vanyalanthiriel Vanimelda the Shield Master of Valimar

    40. The Defender against Terror

    41.The Ruination of Thrang The Yellow Line Disregarding the Shield

    42. Fake Yarara Insectoid Fiend of Angmar Insectoided AMG Squashed

    43. AMG Radiant High Queen clears Tower Of Orthanc Testosterone run.

    44. Barad Hyarmenya Elen The Fortress of Vanyalanathiriel High Queen of the Noldor

    45. The School of Tham Mírdain Testosterone Run

    46. NC Farm Farmilicious Tesotsteronelicus Run

    47. Time stand still at the Stoneheight Testosterone First Boss Run

    48. Of Past and Future Present with High Queen of the Noldor

    49. High King of Skyrim&High Queen of the Noldor AMG So hot

    50. The Icy crevasse Tier III Small Fellowship Guardian Solo Demonstration

    51. The One Calaquende Army Volume II Thievery and Mischief

    52. One Calaquende Army The Tier III Skrimish Raid Difficulty Demonstration

    53. The Cold as Death Calaquendi Dance Test Video Only

    54. The Brothers of Destruction Tier III Raid Duo Fighters of Shadow Eldalie Power

    55. Vanyalanthiriel Vanimelda The Greatest of all time Part I

    56. Vanyalanthiriel Vanimelda The Greatest of all time Part II

    57. The Quays of the Halrond Kalmok and his Squadron Calaquende Vanquisher

    58. The Sword Halls of Dol Guldur Challenge run The Fortress Mode

    59. The Radiant Queen vs Mumak of Far Harad

    60. The Eternal Conflict

    61. The Fornost Fire Wing Chapter III The Impossible Pull by Noldorin Queen

    62. The Fornost Fire Wing Chapter II The Impossible Pull Part I by Noldorin Queen

    63. The Great Barrow Maze the Impossible Pull Part III by Noldorin Queen

    64. The Court Of Seregost the Impossible Pull Part V by Noldorin Radiant Queen

    65. The Drake Wing Raid on Level the Impossible Pull Part IV by Noldorin Radiant Queen
    Duration: 450+ Minutes of The Mega intense Adrenaline Testosterone Rush.

    Have a magical adventure within Arda, Until next we meet!

    Vanya Sulie!

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    Vanyalanthiriel Vanimelda ~ The Radiant Star Queen of Calacyira ~The Flame Imperishable Greatest of all time for Ages&Arda beyond.
    The Ascended Mastery.Beyond comprehension Tier level of Greatness ~ Super Genius.

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    Ardaranyë Envinyanta Remastered Vanyalanthirel Vanimelda The Radiant Star Queen of Calacyira Volume IV: Barad Hyarmenya Elen The Fortress of Vanyalanathiriel High Queen of the Noldor
    or let us name it shorty: Of Harmenos The Southern Fortress.

    Alae! Behold! Elen Sila Lumen Omentielvo! {A Star Shines in the hour of our meeting} Tis good to see thee again! (:

    A rather short video if you have time or will to check it out I'll appreciate it. An Exterior&Interior tour of our Premium kinship house which is located within Heavens of Belfalas. After several months of intense grinding,adventuring,Blood,swe at,renown and LP I've almost finished it. The interior is still incomplete. Far from complete. It needs the correct placement of the certain items. They are not in the proper order and I do not know when shall I re-Decorate the house once again.

    The Video:

    The Address: 2 Silver Street,Norhador,Belfalas{Gondo r} Heavens of Belfalas.

    The total cost was 7,500 LP for Premium writs, If you plan to grind, it is worth it, Trust me. Premium Housing is one the greatest features added in game ever since the Helm's Deep expansion or Western Gondor add on, at least from my point of obeservation.

    Little extra does not hurt:

    Name: The name was inspired from "The Silmarllion" {Book}

    ~ Formenos means "Northern Fortress" in Quenya (from formen = "north" and osto = "fortress")
    It was the stronghold of Fëanor and his sons in the north of Valinor

    ~ The Barad Hyarmenya Elen {Southern Star Fort} is the Fortress of the Vanyalanthiel and her daughters. I believe personally the view and place in general fits flawlessly for the Eldar. We love sea and stars and the soundtrack is extraordinarily beautiful as well. Tis even magical during the night hours.

    Song used in the video: Blind Guardian - Thorn. {Please Scroll up and check the first section of the thread
    Album: Nightfall in Middle-Earth.

    If you have any questions about particular items or outfit , please do ask. I'll provide any help and assistance I can and you are always welcome to visit in game. The doors are open,

    The few screenshots of our Mini Empire ~

    Twas a rather fast Volume. It shall be updated , Worry not!

    May your path ever be Star Lit,
    Vanya Sulie
    Vanyalanthiriel Vanimelda ~ The Radiant Star Queen of Calacyira ~The Flame Imperishable Greatest of all time for Ages&Arda beyond.
    The Ascended Mastery.Beyond comprehension Tier level of Greatness ~ Super Genius.

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    TBA {Work in the progress}

    Ardaranyë Envinyanta Remastered Vanyalanthirel Vanimelda The Radiant Star Queen of Calacyira: Volume V

    Of Nargorth ,Caverns of Fire and One Year Mordor Anniversary!

    Of Land of Fire and Shadow and One year Anniversary. Personal reflections and experiences. Perhaps the Prison-Fortoress of Naerband shall be added as well. TBA

    by Vanyalanthirel, Vanimelda, High Queen of the Noldor ~ Caras Galadhon,3019

    Vedui Mellyn!

    The "Fire-Road Goes Ever on and On! Time flies indeed! The One Year within the Land of Fire and Shadow! I do recall the first days, they were truly magical indeed. Twas a joyful read and very Nostalgic back to vanquish the terror of Nargorth! One of the most striking,imposing and terrifying landmarks envisioned by the brilliant minds of Standing Stone Games. Tis highly underrated in my sincere opinion and I do not believe we've seen the Last of the tales within Nargorth.

    The Suggestion for the BLUE Team:

    I personally would love to see Nargorth Re-mastered in 2019 as potential 12 man raid or perhaps 3/6 man instance. The Area is vast and has boundless potential indeed. Certain parts, in Particular views from the ledge of Terror reminded me on The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu Archaic level 50 Vanilla Instance which is very well known and widely considered the greatest raid ever designed in the history of Lord of the Rings Online.

    In many ways the are indeed similar at least my point of observation ~

    1)The first picture is in the middle of Nargroth overlooking a gigantic Super-structure ~

    2) The Rift of Nurz Ghasu ~ The Norbar's Arena. ~

    The Resemblance:

    ~ The vast,massive underground caverns/Fortresses both are located under the mountain

    ~ Fire{Ghash-Hai orcs
    ~ Ancient Evil kind.
    ~ Super Structures/Massive walls/Bridges/Statues/Idols
    ~ The Soundrack of superb quality which fits flawlessly
    ~ Dark,Gloomy and Oppressive.The Immersion overall Incomparable sense of dread,terror,intimidation and hopelessness
    ~ Entrenched with otherworldly fires, houses more mysteries than the answers

    Each of the creations have had such an impact for me wholly, rarely It did If you recall me review which was written Year ago I've sad about immersion and impact never seen before since Khazad-Dum days. Or was it inspiration of the Rift that ultimately gave us Nargroth?

    Of Borangos the Horror,Greater Regmyl:

    Let us pause for a moment and Consider what do we know so far: Borangos the Horror is one of the Ancient Evil the most powerful category of evil creatures and fiends. Ancient evil refers to the beings of the Elder days.Ancient Evil are creatures that served Morgoth Baulgir,First Dark Lord(Sauron's master) in Angband. He is only the last remaining powers.

    The Sauron has been vanquished. The Nazgul are no more. Borangos is not a mere Regmyl.
    The Being of far greater potency thus capable of dominating lesser creatures which are still abundant and certain species might be even nearly inexhaustible when boosted by terror and power of the fear in terms of reproduction rate and speed, Even without Gorthaur the Great the hordes of Ghashi-Hai are very formidable and should not be taken lightly.

    Borangor the Horror might become a true new Master of Mordor


    Nar ~ nár
    noun. fire, fire (as an element), flame {Quenya}

    Groth ~ groth 0
    noun. cave, tunnel, large excavation

    For example: Menegroth “Thousand Caves; Thousand Caves or Delvings”

    It can be translated as Flame Delving or Fire Cavern,

    The Tribute Video ~

    Of Nargroth and One year Mordor Anniversary Vanyalathiriel Vanquisher of Terror ~ {Follow the Link} It is told that for a time Vanyalanthirel was not seen again within Mordor nor was any rumour heard of her, until suddenly she came to the doors of Nargroth and the evil faced the wrath of the High Queen. Wrapped in fire and may wounds she was indeed ultimately Triumphant. For the Fire of life was hot within her and her strength of the Ancient World.

    Part II ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IOgUf6XEhI&t=318s

    The Mega-Mordor Compendium Image Compilation

    The Q&A

    A little exta wont hurt
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    Na vedui! At least, Alas It shall be rather short write up for I must leave!

    Volume VI Soon!


    Util wee meet again (:

    Savo 'lass a lalaith!

    Enjoy several screenshots in my absence!

    The Latest Video ~

    Thee Luminous ladies vanquished the towering threat and the champions of the Ancient Fortress within Frozen halls of Helegrod! Tis full of glorious,epic and even funny moments!

    Helegrod: Giant wing {115}

    "Vanyalanthiriel" High Queen of the Noldor ,Guardian.

    "Redyln"Hunter, Princess Huntress of Lothlórien!

    & {OwO} "Ethirena" The Ancient Master of Valimar!

    Vanya Sulie! May the Valier protect thee.



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