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    House Show Off - Mini Erebor

    Below are the HTML Linked Screenshots of my house.

    Khelthod Goldtooth, Treasure Hunter, is affected by Dragon Sickness, and as such has filled his house with gold, yet it is not enough, and cannot sate his hunger for the shiny metal.


    The house is mostly complete, I am lacking wall decors, and need to do bingo boffin quests to get a few gold piles for the sides of main room, and I wouldn't mind a Draigoch fire pit.
    I have also been informed of Dwarven braziers which i shall look into, and Moria/Erebor housing decorations at the anniversary festival which equally I shall look at.

    Any other suggestions feel free to add.
    And any on Evernight
    Feel free to drop a pm to Khelthod for the housing location if you wish to visit.

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    That's just asking for dragon trouble.

    It's a nice theme for a dwarf house though.

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    Warning: The gold piles are fairly small, and nearly invisible on the gold coin floor. You should place them on a dark ground (maybe a tabletop?) to make them noticeable. They look even better with a treasure chest to the side (you can shift the furniture up and down, too).

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