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    How to unlock dailies in Norhern Mirkwood

    Hello all!
    I have a little doubt about dailies in Northern MIrkwood.
    I know i'll receive a mail from the Regent Queen as soon as I finish the quest lines, but I don' understand which arcs of quests are required to unlock dailies or if I really have to do all quests.

    Many thanks!

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    Hallandil posts excellent guides to Mordor and Northern Mirkwood on these forums. The guide for the Northern Strongholds area is here:


    From their guide, it says:

    The Dailies are unlocked by doing all of the main quest-chains for Strongholds of the North, these include:

    Reopening the Realm
    A Darkness in Ruin I
    A Darkness in Ruin II
    The Old Mother
    The Master's Murder
    Refugees in Dale
    Under the Mountain
    The Trail of Rust

    Upon completion, the player will immediately receive the notification that they have finished a hidden deed, "The Queen Regent's Edict" - found listed under the Epic Deeds section - This means that the player now has access to the region's dailies.

    Hallandil's guide lists all of the quests in an area. Wiki can also be helpful with lists of quests and where to pick them up, so you can see what you've done or missed:


    Hope this helps!



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