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    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 70

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.

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    What's your most favorite weapon in the game?

    That crafted Forochel sword, reminds me a machete, such practical tool...

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    There is one Scimitar in game, but dull plain look, would be nice to see more polished gem covered ones.

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    The staff with a bull head in the top.

    Sergio :-)
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    What's your most favorite weapon in the game?

    My champ's 2hded sword: heavenly sword. I will never change it for dual wielding in AoE.

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    It'd be nice, since we're dealing with more Easterlings, to actually get some eastern looking weaps. Something like a jian, or dao. Maybe even a ji for the cappys. Scimitars and possibly katanas would be nice, too.

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    Sadly, my first legendary bow. I say sadly because it's long gone, deconstructed. It was my first time with a legendary item and I loved the experience stuff, leveling it up and using legacy points. I am far from being the best hunter ever (just semi-decent), but I always loved the legendary bows, and that first one, was it in 2011? holds a special place in my heart.

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    My favorite item...the 1st age (now ILI) for my burglar Datt, made by my minstrel Deet: Named "Deet for Datt".
    [Edit] Except I guess that's not a weapon. Oh well.

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    Bow of the Eagle -- "The power of the wind infuses this weapon with the strength and swiftness of the Great Eagles." I love the rare finds on low level gear.
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    My bow... and my axe! ;-p

    I tend to be wielding both as a hunter. I think swords make more sense as single-handed weapons, but I keep ending up with axes.

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    My off-hand is holding a lantern.

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    Moors OOC is my favorite weapon =D

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    The one that shows what you are made of


    The number of players who moan on here about having to leave it behind is depressing, but illuminating.

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    Being a Hunter my favorite weapon is my Bow and unlimited arrows!
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    I like hitting people with my rolling pin... just like momma used to do... to me... hehe :/

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    Favorite Weapon

    I feel like the Two-handed Sword of the Northern Strongholds cosmetic is worth the 75 wet tokens.

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    The Po-ta-to of course!

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    What's your most favorite weapon in the game?

    The Frying Pan of course :-)

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    Bread of the Third Age!

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    butter for that bread

    The old butterknife was pretty funny!

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    As a hobbit, I like to wield my baguette.

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    What's your most favorite weapon in the game?

    For cosmetic, I REALLY like the look of *Thrang's Sword* (from the Summer Fest. instance). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get one ...so I am hoping to, at the encore!
    “Some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay; Small acts of kindness and love. Why Bilbo Baggins? Perhaps because I am afraid, and he gives me courage.” ~J.R.R. Tolkien

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    Favorite weapon?

    The *Slapper Fish!* Although it is an Implement, it actually does a bit of Damage.
    "One thing drives out another." [Barliman Butterbur]

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    An evil grin - it can disarm almost anyone.

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    "What's your most favorite weapon in the game?"
    I like cosmetic weapons quite a lot. I use The Bread of the Third Age and a frying pan on my hunter, those are my favourite "weapons".


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