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    Disclaimer:Freeps have nothing to complain about.

    Disclaimer:Freeps have nothing to complain about.

    If you loved LOTRO pvmp and the pure joy of combat thats creeps,

    If you loved pvmp and wanted to fight without the incessant grind thats freep reality in the LOTRO world and threw down a sub to do it,

    If you just liked playing creeps cuz they cool and hanging out in Tolkiens world is a plus anytime,

    If you enjoyed playing the underdog against superior odds,

    If you just enjoyed creepside for whatever reason,

    Well sorry, SSG does not care. Once again, vague hints of possibly looking at something sometime, just hang in there and keep that sub going! we'll get back to you!

    New level cap coming, more new gear, same never ending chase of balance against the moving target that is topshelf freepside gear theres really no point, SSG can never catch up

    the creep death spiral continues, and pointless suggestions on the forums go nowhere.

    Be seein ya!

    Mortem Tyrannis

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    Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza" Sapienza University of Rome

    Graduate PhD con lode Scienze della Politica



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