It's been a while, but I am planning a new server-invite social RP-lite event. I am thinking a parade of some sort. Music - bands! Fireworks, drinks, possibly storytelliing. All races. RPers, non-RPers, everyone.

Keep an eye on the usual places (LOTRO forums, world chat, Laurelin Archives). At the moment I am going with the idea of a celebration of nature (so get those animal masks and pets at the ready!). I have some ideas of how I’d want it to work, for now. So yes, there will be some sort of story-element to why we’d have this event.

So, what’s needed right now?
It’s early stages of planning. I’d like to hear from any bands who want to perform. Any people interested in helping out – we’ll need people wranglers (especially if we get a crowd like we do for the Tolkien Toast in January – people were getting layered out!). The storytelling sessions are open to any who want to perform, so this is your chance to entertain a crowd. Let me know if you have an idea for one such session.

We’ll start off small, see if this thing is wanted, and then build on it. It’s time for people of this server to celebrate, meet up, and just have a little fun in person.

Input/thoughts welcome!

Contact - Ranatuor (of the Elders Kinship)