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    Worth leveling low level LI to 60 in empty slots for IXP runes?

    I'm currently a level 85 minstrel and probably will just continue doing solo content even at level 115 so have no need for multiple LIs for different specs. That being said, I've been given the suggestion of just slotting a bunch of level 51 LIs and level them to 60 before deconstructing them. I don't know if the legacy given is still useful but was told at least I'll have extra IXP runes to use on my level 100 LI before imbuing it. Since I am not running dungeons there's probably no need to keep my off-hand/songbook up to date so I'm only updating my main weapon every 10 levels.

    With the extra IXP from slotting multiple LIs and the amount of IXP quests will give on my way to level 115 is it worth the effort to just level obsolete LIs to level 60? I recall the various LIs from Moria are relatively cheap to buy now and if I am concern with the IXP being too split, I could just wait until my current LI is level 60 before leveling others. If I am going to level other LIs in my empty slots, should I just fill out all 10 slots or is there an optimal number of LIs to level up?

    Comments and suggestions are appreciated,

    Thank you
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    It is always best to level up the best available LIs you can get. You get higher tier relics and especially when deconning lvl 95+ LIs, the legacy scrolls can be used on LI up to 100.

    My experience is that when taking on humanoid content, it just rains LIs of that level. When you do get those First Age LIs, you will need 3-4 900k+ runes to fill them out. And until you hit Mordor, you will want to meld some good relics, so stockpiling Tier 7+ relics is a good idea. At one point I would slot a full set of LIs, apply runes from prior set - taking them all to lvl 51-53 - and then max them out and decon. I would do this on a daily basis, supplementing the dropped LIs with crafted ones, since I got a full max guild crafter alt set. Of course, once in Mordor and got a few quests done, best relics are bartered. I am still leveling LIs and stockpiling the runes and relics, but not sure if this ever going to be of use.

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    I would level LI in all Slots you have.
    So you have less meetings at the smith.
    I slot 4 LI for leveling, so i have all on the same level.
    (i own all Slots i can get on Captain and RK)
    This creates a lot of exp runes, you will need if you become Level 100.

    Slot in Items you use good relicts, they will help you while leveling. I pick typical Level 5-7 and build Level 55 runes. They are cheap to build and good to use.

    Level LI with the highest Level you can get. in that way you get better relicts when you destroy them. BUT atm the best relicts you can get on Level 115 will not be melted by relicts you own !!!
    @115 you buy relicts for ash. So the one you own do not matter anymore.

    If your Item does not advance fast enough, then you can disable the leveling on other items.
    If you switch you weapon to a new one, then use a exp bubble to get it in level 30+, so you max tactical damage instantly and you do more damage, and the questing route becomes faster.



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