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    Yellow skill tree / raid supporter

    I am currently completing my yellow line toolkit for playing a support burglr in raids. It is intended for support function only - I have a different bag for DD/landscape/questing. This is what it looks like now:

    I am looking at that "Skills Critical Multiplier" - I read in almost every guide that this legacy is recommended also for a yellow build. Why? Which skills that I use in my support function do I want to crit? I am contemplating switching this one out for agi or vit, unless someone gives me a reason not to. :-)
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    Pretty good set of tools for yellow line.

    Regards to the skills crit legacy, once you've debuffed, clensed wounds, and done all your other trickery you should still be looking to support your raid by ascerting some DPS, hence reason to utilise skills crit legacy.
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    Keep the multiplier. As Fingerz said, u need to do dmg in between your debuffing and ####.
    Depending on the boss, you still do a decent amount of dmg that contributes to your overall raid dmg. Also you will heal yourself on the revealing mark.



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