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    Good Spec for Solo Leveling at Higher Levels Please

    With many classes I've found that the most powerful thing to do is spend the minimum number of points to get to the bottom of the primary trait tree then focus on one of the others to get some powerful abilities toward the middle or even a bit lower.

    My guardian is 105 - created after the recent update that enhanced red to level with. I simply don't see anything that looks that great in either blue or yellow - I have totally maxed out red and overflow is going into blue. But I have a strong feeling I may have missed something. She will have plenty of points when I am done leveling - the goal is 85-89,

    A lot of excellent advice in these forums is for what to do at 115 or what to do to let you tank as well as possible. But my goal is to hit 115 solo in Mordor and *then* concentrate on tanking builds for fellowships.

    For maximum DPS I am red as mentioned above and using a two handed weapon. So the nice shield abilities won't do me a lot of good unless the consensus is that leveling in Mordor is faster with sword and board - which I doubt. One needs to kill faster in some of the dungeons just to stay ahead of the respawns which are too fast if no one else is around.

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    When I came back after some time away, my L105 Red build was something like this:
    https://lotrottp.lotrostatus.com/l.php?c=8Tw [79 CTPs]

    It worked pretty well for me -- I solo 99%+ of the time (not quickly, granted) -- but I rarely died while levelling from 105-115.

    For rare super-damage-intense bits, I ran a Blue-Yellow like this:
    https://lotrottp.lotrostatus.com/l.php?c=8Tx [80 CTPs]

    I hope that helps! While I can solo level faster with my Minstrel, I still like playing my Guardian best.

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    I put all my extra points in yellow instead of half yellow half blue but Ill take another look.



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