Hi there SSG, for once I decided to talk not about captains xD

So for once I decided to talk a bit about legendary weapons, as for the damage types.

Weapon glow

Since mines of moria, we had weapon glows, we were able to see our own weapon glowing and we were able to see other people their weapon glow.
There's also a vague lightning effect once u get close to a specific mob type chosen on the weapon, even brightening up once you execute a skill.

Now I noticed that Vastin had removed this glow effect from the weapons upon logging into the game, you'll have to unslot your weapon and slot it back in to get this glow, it also can be disabled within the options menu.
But I'm sad to see that you cannot see other people their damage type anymore, or glow on weapons, because for me, I really did like this.

so in short, just make a checkbox to see other ppl their weapon glow?

So to vastin, can there be a checkbox to see other people their weapon glow/dmg type?

Grey mountains/ Mount Gundabad

I can understand that once we move more towards the grey mountains, we'll also get in touch with mount gundabad and new instances relating towards dwarfs. Wouldn't be a good choice to swap back in Ancient Dwarf damage? I could imagine we'll have a lot of dragons/ or dragon boss there?