On the Landroval server, Club Éclair II is beginning a new story, Into Moria.

We will be going through the quests, deeds, and story starting with entering Moria and ending with the battles at Dol Guldor as a level-controlled group.

Our two inviolable rules are:

(1) Walk-and-talk roleplay during sessions.
(2) Keep the level cap. The level cap starts at 50 and will remain fixed as we go deeper and deeper into Moria.

By adventuring as a group, we will have on-level friends available for the instances and fellowship quests that we encounter along the way.

We did this all through Volume I, from level 6 characters in the Shire and other introductory lands, ending recently with victories in The Rift and Helegrod and completing Book XV of the Epic Quests.

Now, we are preparing to start a new story.

You can find additional details: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-II-Into-Moria