To all concerned

IRS Brings you this weeks installment.

The topic for discussion today will be the effects of server performance when players preempt animations by using immediates following the use of a skill.

We at IRS could find no information on this subject as it has never been discussed openly by any employee of Turbine or now SSG. This topic has a very limited content from the player base as well.

What is an animation? An animation is the action of an avatar in a game. Be it an MMO or other wise. The action is based on the player interaction with the game's skills for use. The skill use can widely vary depending of the task. What is always present is the animation.

We at IRS with our clients and affiliates can come to no decisive conclusion if it acceptable to cut animations and have tabled the ethics of the matter. As noted in our previous installment, it is the server performance and its ability to negotiate the actions of clipping animations which we have questioned.

So to start, with most important question.

Does this action of clipping a previous action cause lag?

Why is there an animation in the first place if it is intended to be preemptively cancelled?

If it isn't intended to be cancelled, then why is being cancelled?

Lastly, with these actions and cancelled actions taking place, what affect do they have on the game's servers?

Are hundreds if not thousands of players committing these actions at the same time creating a detriment to the servers ability to maintain and perform as expected?

Our clients have ask us to place these questions because they feel there may be a connection to the PvMP experience. Not only with in the Ettenmoors but all of Middle Earth.

It is our (IRS) obligation to our clients through our agreements to leave no stone unturned.

We at IRS ask SSG the developers of Lord of the Rings Online to bring some light to this subject and enlighten the player base on this matter.

Investigative Research Services is happy to present a discussion to further the growth and expansion of Ettenmoors PvMP.