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    Elf or High Elf?

    Returning player here. I'm considering recreating one of my favorite characters, in part to refamiliarize myself with the game, and in part because the original character kind of lost her intensity in the character model update. The character's backstory is that she's a survivor from Eregion who went mad with grief after her (mumbly mumble) was killed in Sauron's assault (she's a bit more fiery in temperament than the average elf).

    She was born to Noldorin parents, so I was considering recreating her as a High Elf, mainly because it's a new thing that I want to check out and it seems to fit. However, my head canon for her originally had her being born in Middle-Earth, not in the West. So what do people think - is her bloodline sufficient to qualify her for High Elfdom, or would she have to be one of the original exiles? I can work with either answer; just trying to line up my head canon with actual canon.

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    What is "head canon"?

    It sounds like you are asking others to weigh in on something that is yours to decide. Why put use of your own imagination in others' hands? Make a choice with the character origin and it leads you to one of the two options. If her parents are Noldor, she is. It's not based on location of birth. The race is just High Elf, not the High Elf Exile.



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