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    Changing voice files?

    Is that a thing? Without getting banned for some reason or something?

    The High Elven / regular low Elven voices are getting into my nerves. That, among with some other characteristics of all Elves in LOTRO is pushing me away from playing them.

    I know that I can disable various sound files in-game and I appreciate it is a great mechanic but I also must admit that it's pretty weird when my character is obviously taunting someone but it's just silent. What I want to know is if there is a way to change elven voices to our loved regeular Man voices? Particularly males.
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    While this is possible to do by modifying the sound.dat file, it is not something we players are capable of doing without a tool made for decompiling/recompiling the file.
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    See we're the opposite, I hate the man voices but love the elf ones. Then again, if i've got to hear "Ahhh!!! AHHHH!!!" from my toon every time I use a majority of my skills (at least on captain and to a degree, warden) I would rather hear some Elvish shouts thrown in there... granted none of them sound a sweet as the glorious dwarven battlecry. That is music to my ears! In short, and to answer your question, the only thing I can suggest is to turn down combat volume? Or just turn the master volume to zero. I know its not what you wanted but afaik thats all we can do about it.



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